Friday, March 3, 2017

Donald Trump -Master Manipulator

Trump complains about "fake News" yet most of what he says is "fake" as he misleads about crowds that aren't there, winning elections by landslides that aren't land-slides, promising to reveal his taxes but never does, says he doesn't know anything  about Russia or have ties there while we all know about his "Mrs. Universe" and his son saying a few years ago that more than half of their income or wealth is attributed to Russian investments.

His term is barely started and already we have one trusted advisor who was forced to resign because he lied to  the Vice President about his dealings with Russia. The Attorney General, Trump's appointee is under question about his meetings with a Russian Ambassador and had to recuse himself from investigations that may take place involving the Trump campaign that Russia tried to influence and may have, because there are smells that something may be wrong with the whole situation. Consider the fact that Paul Manafort, and others close to the campaign had to resign because of their interests in Russia's business. Yes that's correct the same Russia that was trying to influence our national election by favoring Trump while discrediting Clinton. Our intelligence community, 17 organizations reported this stopping short of suggesting that any influence exerted could be measured or that their was any collusion on the part of Trump and his cohorts. But their conclusion certainly raised questions.

On top of all this Trump and Putin seem to be having a "bromance" where Trump even likened the USA, that's right our country, to Putin's Russia indicating that we were "killers" like them.

Yet the Republican Party leaders and their fellows continue to back Trump 100%. Trump's backers don't care what he does as long as he keeps America "Great" or is that "White" again.

I hope we can resolve all the questions surrounding Trump and his cohorts soon so that our country can be "Great" again.

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