Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Donald J. Trump President Elect

Let me start this blog with the fact I voted for Hillary Clinton not because I was particularly in love with her candidacy but because I was disillusioned with Mr. Trump's. I would have considered Gov. John Kasich but Trump ran all over his fellow primates (a play on words for those purists) during the Republican campaign.

The fact is Mr. Trump won the election and there is no other choice but him for the next four years unless he does something leading to impeachment which I do not see happening, therefore I must wish him well and success because failure means bad times for all of us in these United States.

My problem is I do not trust a man who spends two years or more saying things I totally disagree with which border on racism, misogyny, dishonesty, while he insulted anyone and everyone who opposed him while he proposed policies that bordered on fascism. After he won he starts to turn completely around using different tones of his voice, facial expressions of humility and reversals of some policies while appointing to his cabinet a man who has been associated with a white nationalist Internet paper called Breitbart News. Just Google Trump, Bannon and the CBS program "60 Minutes" for reference to the details of what I am saying and you will see that this guy, our President Elect, Donald J. Trump sounds very much like he's conning us and we have no idea what his Presidency will be like until it goes into motion after his inauguration.

Meanwhile we have a guy who has business connections that are intertwined with our political system and conflict of interest abounds in the background because the President of these United States does not have to place anything in blind trusts, in fact he plans to have his children run the business which smells even greater of conflict of interest. All this while it appears that he is in bed with Russia's President Vladimir Putin who happens to be an excellent KGB officer who runs Russia like he wants to piece together the USSR once more.

I hope and pray Donald Trump is the patriot he says he is and not the con man he appears to be for your sake and mine. Let us pray!