Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hillary & Donald

Now that Labor Day 2016 has cone and gone the Presidential race should be in full gear even though it seems to me that it has been going on forever already.

The race has tightened after all the bumps both campaigns got after their conventions.

Generally speaking I am an Independent who usually votes Democratic rather than Republican although I have voted GOP on a few occasions and I believe one of our greatest Presidents is Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Lately though the right wing, used to be called the Tea Party,  Has turned me off because it has caused roadblocks to some real good programs such as infrastructure rebuilding and seems to want many social programs that penalize the poor heavily while benefiting those who have what seems like too many benefits.  They seem to be overly interested in discrediting Hillary Clinton over really trying to work out problems. There have been many committees set up investigating the same problems over and and over again all coming to the same conclusion that she may not be perfect but she is not guilty of criminal conduct.

Hillary has been accused over these last thirty years or so of possible murder, conspiracy to commit something and everything, taking Government positions such as Senator and Secretary of State just so she can enrich herself not caring for the people she represents, in fact she is robbing them. So far she hasn't been convicted of any of these charges which means she must be a genius in the crime business doing all or even some of these things while being in the public eye and avoiding capture.
So far the only crime I can see is millions of dollars being spent in the quest to jail Hillary that was wasted because she hasn't be found guilty because if she was she'd be sitting in jail right now. I do see a lifetime of service that has resulted in many good things for the minorities and the rest of the people she represents far too many to list here but you can Google her to find the details.

Donald Trump on the other hand has accomplished nothing as far as public service goes. He has come from wealth and accumulated greater wealth. Good for him. As a businessman he is a success but as a humanitarian he has not come very far. As a Politician he has set out very little policy but what he has set out is subject to change depending on the venue and to whom he maybe talking to.
Sometimes he sounds like a neo-fascist and sometimes he sounds like a panderer. Just recently he quoted scripture while he was at a Black church. The quote was all about love but when he went back to his rally he went back to deporting undocumented aliens and keeping Muslims banned from entering. His economic proposals seemed to favor the rich especially when he wants to drop the Estate (Death) Tax. With the exclusions that are already in the present tax plan dropping the Estate tax would benefit him and those like him but mean very little to the middle class. Google the tax code and see if I am not telling the truth and he isn't.

Hillary has the backing of her party and the powerhouses in it while Donald has very little backing in fact it seems that the GOP stars are trying to avoid him as he is having a downward effect on Congressional races.

Unless something very unusual happens I guess I will vote for Hillary or not vote at all because I could never vote for The Donald. The Libertarian line has no chance so no vote or a vote for them would have the same effect. A little over two months and we shall know what the result of this race will finally be. Good luck to us, the American people.  
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