Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Let Me Vent May 2016 Part II

Bernie Sanders has been an Independent for all his life who caucus with the Democratic Political Party. He chose to run for President as a Democrat because it opened up many more opportunities to his political ambitions than running as an Independent. Now even though he is losing his bid by any count he is attempting to change the party to his image and likeness and while doing this making Hillary Clinton a weaker candidate who will eventually run against the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. The fact is Bernie Sanders might even contribute to a Trump win which means disaster for this country. Disaster because Trump will appoint conservative Supreme Court judges and push a conservative economic agenda which benefits the rich and penalizes the poor and weakens the middle class. My rant is who the hell gives Bernie Sanders the right to screw up the Democratic bid for the Presidency of this country when he isn't even a true Democratic. He is an Independent and will always be one. So beware of his run because politically he has his own agenda which seems to favor the lower 99% of this country but actually doesn't. If he succeeds at all he will hurt us all by helping Donald Trump and the Republicans win and help ruin the benefits gained in the last eight years.

The one thing Trump and Sanders has brought to the forefront is that the winners of any race are those who have passion. The heart and desire to push forward against any odds to gain their objectives. One has to be passionate, intense, ardent and hot blooded while pursuing anything that is worthwhile to that person. Hillary Clinton may be passionate but doesn't show it like Trump & Sanders which is why they draw tremendous followings who have the same passion exhibited by their leaders. Hillary Clinton better rev up her engine or she will be left in the dust because she'll be boring in contrast to the passion exhibited by Trump and possible lose the Sanders followers who are really Independents anyway and not Democrats.

Their is a lack of passion on many levels. Our Millennials seem to lack passion in many of the things they do yet they do it because they can. Sexually they are possibly the freest group yet they do it without the passion of ardently being in love. They do it because it brings pleasure like drugs, alcohol and whatever it takes to have fun but not with the passionate feeling for the other person. This attitude finds it way into their marriage and leads to eventual separation due to ennui, complete boredom. The kiss may be wet but it doesn't sting and bring rushes of blood to the brain it is just two pieces of skin meeting.

The really good musician is so in love with his instrument that it is an extension of his very soul so that when he practise for hours on end it isn't work it is pure pleasure AND he is ready to go out and play the rest of the night at his gig never wanting to go to bed until he has to from complete exhaustion, when he wakes he can't wait to grab his musical instrument and start all over again, loving every minute of it all.

Someone once said passion is over rated. This is usually said by someone who has no zest for living left because their life has drained them of the joy of living. Even the book of Revelation expounds on this when the Spirit says to the churches of the time, So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot not cold, I am going to vomit you out of My mouth.",  I can think of nothing worse than being lukewarm in anything one does be it your job, marriage, relationship of any kind that is worth anything because all that means is you get up each day and just go through the motions never really experiencing the joy of living.

I will end this venting the way I started with the current race for the Presidency of these great United States. Sanders get out of this race before you insure that the next President will be Donald Trump. Hillary please change the way you are running this race show a great deal of passion the way your adversaries do so that you will be able to lead those hungry for justice to be passionate about it. And for all who want to live a really meaningful life be passionate about everything you do that is worthwhile especially in your relationships never losing the fervor of first love weather it may be your first or seventh. Enjoy life by living it.  
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