Friday, June 5, 2015

Take The Moment, Every Moment and LIVE!

When he first moved here the tree was already in the backyard. It was young then, but it stood tall with branches reaching towards the sky while its roots dug deeply into the ground providing an anchor. As the years passed the tree grew stronger and with careful pruning reached upwards toward the heavens surpassing the height of the house.

This day he was in the bedroom upstairs and the window looked out on the backyard, in the middle of the yard the tree fully leafed stood strong and majestic with branches reaching towards the heaven and firmly rooted in its place, giving the impression it was shouting praise to its unknown creator.

He mused how funny life is, this tree growing older became stronger, taller full of life even better than when it was a stripling. Whereas he, instead of growing stronger, taller and more resilient actually lost an inch inn height  while becoming broader around the waist causing him to stoop a bit and becoming much weaker in many ways from the time of his youth.

He wondered what storm would bring winds and rain strong enough to make the roots loose and have the tree become uprooted. Sure as there is a heaven the tree would fall no matter how tall it might become or how embedded the roots anchored in the earth.

But for the moment the tree gave shade on the hottest day, beauty every day and seemed far from the day it would be no more. In a sense he sort of felt the same way about himself. After all the only moment we all have is the present one and no one knows for sure when his or her last moment shall come.

With these thoughts he took the book he was reading, went outside opened a beach chair on the patio, plopped down enjoyed the shade, the birds landing on the branches and started to read. Life ain't half bad he thought. And so the tree and he enjoyed their moment for that was the only moment they both were sure that they would have.
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