Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness

Did you fill out your NCAA Brackets? March 19, 2015 is the day March Madness starts with the first 16 teams playing cutting that down to eight teams. Be still my Heart. Imagine eventually it will be the final four then two then the winner. I bet you think a particular college is the winner, or a student or a few college athletes. But you are so wrong the real winner is the group of Universities that reap in the benefits of this circus without really caring about the students or level of education provided. All they are interested in, like most of  the participants of providing levels of higher education is perpetuating the money machine which perpetuates the institution.

The College athlete sought after with scholarships to play football, basketball and the like is geared to make money for that institution. Most of these kids will never make it to the professional level, many get hurt and many get no real education as they are just there to play ball and make money for the institution.

We are reading more and more of sexual abuse by the young college men on the young college women with the institutions doing nothing to stop the assaults nor punishing the sexual predators.  Instead of looking for justice the administrators are looking to keep everything under cover, quiet, so that the institution seems above allowing such behavior. Lately the women aren't keeping quiet, thank God and we are seeing the rotten underbelly of the institutions of higher leaning.

Everyone is aghast because a fraternity at Oklahoma University sent a racist spewing video on the Internet. Now come on do you really think this is an anomaly? I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that there are racist frats.  and sororities all over the campus" of these United States and the administration of these institutions of higher learning know damn well who they are but keeping it quiet is better for the heath of the institution.
All one has to do is look closely at Penn State and its handling of that sex scandal committed by the assistant coach of their revered football team to come to the conclusion that the real concern of our beloved universities is the perpetuation of the institution whereas it should be to provide good education while providing safety and justice for their students.

The cost of colleges are soaring and the named professors and administrators are being paid enormous salary and benefits while the public  goes bankrupt supporting them believing that the real objective of these people is to provide the highest level of education, safety and learning of the moral values of our society. Instead tuition, and other costs soar while the college experience at many if not most is "Girl Gone Wild" on Spring Break instead of turning out the future leaders of this country. Hell many of the graduates can not find jobs that pay above poverty levels while they are burdened with paying off college loans. I don't know about you but I for one think we should stop getting all worked up over games and "March Madness" and start holding these Colleges and Universities responsible for providing higher level of education which includes teaching moral values, and concepts of Justice and respect instead of worrying about their own positions and salary levels.

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