Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sometimes Being Politically Correct Is Wrong

The Academy Awards made their announcements and suddenly everyone was in an uproar. The critics, and there are many, you know who they are they're the ones who can't do it so they criticize it, were upset that there wasn't enough women nominated in the director's category nor were there enough blacks. "Selma" had a double whammy a first time women director who is black and to make it a triple whammy the lead who played Martin Luther King wasn't nominated for best actor. The Academy was accused of being racist, against women and too damn old. What everyone failed to mention "12 Years A Slave" which was very Black ran away with everything in 2013 including the very talented and pretty young actress, Lupita Nyong'o.  Last year everything was politically correct this year wasn't. For the record I saw all the pictures that were nominated and while "Selma" was excellent as was David Oyelowo  as Dr. King in my estimation they weren't better than others nominated in their category. I was all for last years winners and not against this years nominations. I would vote for the best picture and the best in other categories not based on color or gender but if I thought the truly were the "best". Hope that doesn't make me a racist.  Another note I think "Birdman" is not as good as everyone seems to think it is does that make me against old white men and non-American Directors?

Bill Maher said we are warehousing our old people by putting them in nursing homes now while some 50 years ago more people died at home. He seemed to indicate that we are dumping off our old rather than taking care of them. My guess is he never had to put anyone he loved in a nursing home because he would know it was done because the loved ones aged to a point that they couldn't be taken care of at home. That this is a heart wrenching decision and one that is financially draining, maybe not for a guy like Bill Maher but for ordinary folk it can put one into bankruptcy. Comparing to what was done many years ago should be done with the realization the population is living much longer, the dementia's are deeper, the people are frailer and it is safer and better to have them in "God's waiting Room". He should also be aware that for many they do not abandon their loved ones but visit daily and are their most strongest advocates. By the way the people, Nurses, Nurses Aides, Doctors Porters, cooks and housekeepers are for the most part very generous in their attention and love, yes that's right LOVE, they shower on people who can't take care of themselves. They for the most part do a very backbreaking and difficult job, and do it well. Check it out Bill!

I like Bill Maher but he isn't always right or should I say politically correct. He found fault with Pope Francis'
saying if you say something insulting, while referring to the present situation with France's satire magazine and the Prophet, you can expect consequences. He was in no way saying violence is the answer and he has deplored the recent massacre, but being Latin he used the figure of speech "If you insult my mother expect a punch in the face.  He even made a farcically thrown punch. Maher criticized the Pope as being hypocritical because he was representing Jesus, the Prince of Peace and the Catholic Religion which espoused peace.
First of all I doubt very much if this Pope gives a rat's A** if Bill Maher approves or disapproves of him. He does care if he is saving his immortal soul even though Bill Maher doesn't believe in all that "stuff".  Secondly I am sure "righteous anger" was approved even by Jesus who violently threw the money changers out of the temple even though they had every right and even need to be their. But they were insulting in their manner and demeanor so he threw them out violently, yep that's right The Prince of Peace showed righteous anger while loving the very people he was angered at, and by the way he never hurt them.  Of course we all deplore this jihadist  violence but be cognizant of the fact that when dealing with crazy people expect crazy and violent things to happen and try to thwart them.

You are a funny man Bill, and a very deep thinker but you are not always right even if that is what the guys who hang around you say you are. As far as the awards for movies go let's hope the show doesn't drag on for what seems an eternity and prove to be entertaining.

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