Saturday, December 6, 2014

Let Me Vent Year End 2014

From August to the present we have seen four young men gunned down over relatively minor offenses where the police involved feared for their lives.  Michael Brown, 18 years old, Ferguson Missouri, confrontation over stolen cigars. 12 year old Cleveland boy, Tamir Rice playing with toy gun. Eric Garner, Staten Island, NYC, selling loosies (cigarettes). Shot by mistake in a darkened Brooklyn, NYC, hallway, 28 year old Akai Gurley. All killed by what appears to be trigger happy Policeman over trivial matters that certainly wasn't life threatening at least by all reports. And by the looks of it all are getting away free of any charge for what extensively is murder. Demonstrations may spur action by other authorities. The whole United States is in an uproar and should be but lets not kid ourselves the Police have been covering up such things since they were organized and everyone knows about it especially those who are supposed to oversee the Police department. But now with the advent of digital cameras on cell phones we can't hide the actions. We see the obvious and we wait for justice and there is very little. Four young men, all their families, and friends remain devastated with lives that will never be the same and our officials from the local level all the way up to the Federal level knew about abuses such as these and even more yet have done nothing. What a mess.  What a shame. Let's hope that this time change for good will happen but I doubt it!!!

Bill Cosby has been charged before with sexual misconduct and has managed to settle the cases without ever being charged. Now a whole slew of women have come out of the wood work with charges of sexual abuse in the most heinous manner. Bill Cosby was an icon both to the Black community and the White. But like most idols he has clay feet and he should never recover from this present onslaught. Too many women not related with stories that are related in theme and misconduct. Let Mr. Cosby crawl into his hole and live out his life in shame and rejection. I for one am disappointed and would like to believe in his innocence but find it very difficult to do so.

Come Jan. 1, 2015 the next Congress with both houses controlled by the Republicans will come into being. The Republicans are still talking about repealing The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) even though it is working, not perfectly but well enough to be as successful as Medicare after some tweaks. The are complaining loudly over President Obama's Executive order about immigration which can help many families who are good citizens without actually being citizens. They are looking to undo this Executive order hurting many families it is now helping claiming that the President acted illegally. I would suggest they study history and find that our Presidents had to act in the very same way in the past when an intransigent Congress refused to act. I believe President Harry S, Truman acted in such a way when he integrated our Armed Forces over the objections of our racist Southern Lawmakers. I will never understand how the American electorate puts people into off who actually want to enact laws which are hurtful to the majority and are useful to those who are in the minority and I don't mean people of color. I mean people of the color of money!

So far all our NY sport teams are terrible. The Knicks, the Nets just can't seem to play inspired and winning Basketball. The Knicks became a bad team when the acquired Melo, give him the ball and everyone stops moving. He scores 40 points or 9 points and they lose it doesn't matter they are a terrible team. Phil Jackson, The Zen Master, has got to make some moves or this team will disintegrate into a sorry mess. What am I saying? They are a sorry mess.

Waiting for the Yankees to make some smart moves. Headly for third base, Robertson as the closer, instead of a .240 shortstop from the west coast they have acquired to replace Jeter who is not replaceable but come on there has to be a better choice than this guy, DiDi Gregorius. WHO?
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