Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Season, Life, Death, Rebirth

The  Spring came with it's promise of life and new awakenings. The trees didn't just sprout the leaves we see during the summer, first are some blossoms of some kind. Some trees seem to have golden rods attached to their branches that fall off before the buds sprout and the leaves appear. The flowers are pushing up their heads from their underground shelter from the cold storms of the winter. There are birds flying in formation, Vees, with one bird leading the migration to the north where the sun was shifting it's warmth and light.  The breezes were light and refreshing. Everything seemed new, full of life, fresh and bright.

Summer followed and the sun showed it's light longer giving brightness to the colors of life that surround us. At the height of summer the sun belched it's hot breath upon us forcing us back from whence we came, the water, ocean, with it's cooler breezes and hypnotic ebb and flow. Everything moved slower as the day's heat came down upon us. But it was nice and wonderful as our bodies just ate up all the life, light and slowness that life's gait becomes when the weather is warm and hot and full of sexiness. The hotter it becomes the more lovers kiss, come closer, become one with one another and the elements around us.

As summer winds down Autumn sneaks upon the scene. Before we know it the air becomes colder, colors not like the Spring, appear. Colors of bright reds, oranges and yellows. The days become shorter as we get closer to winter and the trees begin to lose their leaves, flowers begin to droop as they try to hold on to their blooms but fail to do so. Life is heading towards hibernation but before that happens there is a last breath of life, fun, lights and parties.

Winter begins rather slowly as Autumn exits. The air is quite a bit colder but not as cold as the dead of winter. Celebrations of life lead to feasts, parties, lights, and a try to keep remembering the joys of life. As winter keeps advancing, and the coldness is upon us, we try to substitute the light of the sun by hanging lights all around us. The trees are bare, very few green things are around yet we have our Fir Trees, Pine Trees, Christmas Trees. we have our Green Wreaths, our egg nogs, our songs and soon Auld Lang Syne is sung and the lights come down and all we have left is the winter. The winter , cold, bleak with howling winds and only the soft white snow to comfort us as we watch the world around us seemingly die.

However, the world regenerates itself and the poet, Shelly said it best giving us hope for life, afterlife and all the good that it brings.

"If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?"  

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