Thursday, July 17, 2014

Venting July 2014

Now that the All Star Game is over, the World Cup gone for another four years can we get back to some of the important things, of course not as important as Baseball and Soccer, such as the girls, some 200, who have been kidnapped and held captive for many months by terrorists, can be set free? The short attention span of the public world wide is shocking. Everybody and I mean everybody, TV News, Print news, talking heads, world leaders all were focused on this matter but now nothing from anybody.

Israel doesn't have clean hands in all the conflict that goes on in their neck of the woods but it seems to me that if any country had to put up with rockets being fired into their territory by a group which wanted to wipe them out there would be such a world wide uproar that a strike back to end such shelling would be applauded. Yet it seems that Israel has to defend it's moves against Hamas while Hamas continues to send rockets into Israel. I bet the USA would wipe out any of it's neighbors if it was subjected to the same thing,
as would any world power.

Derek Jeter is a great Yankee, a great ballplayer but he is not some kind of God. He is a young man with exceptional talent who conducts his life with great discretion but I bet if one dug just a little many flaws would be discovered much like A-Rod has but Jeter doesn't take steroids nor does he flaunt his romantic forays into that part of our society that lets powerful sports stars, like Wilt Chamberlain for instance, to bed any women that throws themselves nakedly into their arms. Point is Jeter has flaws, he is human, but if he continues to be overly idolized he will fall one day and the pieces will never be put together again.

The more I am exposed to this younger generation the more I wonder what they are afraid of? Maybe it is the long time pursuing an education and the debt it seems to burden them with. Maybe it is because they have had much given to them without ever working for it and suddenly they find the world never gives away anything and to get on with their lives they have to work, give of themselves and sweat a bit. But they continually run from one party to another, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, being promiscuous.  Suddenly they wake up one day and they find they are getting older, the drugs and alcohol are dragging them down as their health declines. Having children becomes a problem the older they get. Marriage may happen but with the proviso that if it doesn't work out they can always get a divorce. But for now let's have another party.

Who says relationships are too much work? It seems to me that if anything is worthwhile then it need attention and work, yes work. Work to keep the excitement in it or it becomes boring. Work in making the decision to love each day because love is selfless and we humans are too selfish. Work to please the other person, because love is in giving and giving is always harder than receiving. Work to keep desire alive. The important thing is "desire" because action without desire is empty. So to those who want an "easy" relationship I would say it lacks the cement of a relationship that required working at it and that working is something that is not toil and hard, it is like building a house on a solid foundation while the "easy" one is building a house on sand.

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