Saturday, July 5, 2014

Life, Love, Relationships

The day was beautiful, low humidity, temps around 75 and a sky that was very high, cloudless, seemingly without any lid or top to it stretching out into eternity. There was a gentle breeze waffling over him making him wish he could lie nude with the warmth of the sun being cooled by the breeze gently caressing his body.

He wished he could share this day with the one he loved but there was no one available this day. He let his mind wander over what had happened in his life over the last few years. His first love had left him and it was best that she did, best for her because she had to go before she wasted away into dust before his very eyes, mind and body. There were a number of years that followed that found him alone, alone amidst a crowd many times. Those times had days like today but they only provided melancholia. Slowly but surely he worked his way out of those feelings keeping the memories fresh and uplifting. Then he met her, someone out of his almost forgotten past. She was full of life. Ready to laugh quicker than cry. Ready to live life and take chances rather than rue the missed opportunities life presented.

Then almost as quickly as they had come together to enjoy each other something was said, a glance misunderstood, a mood misinterpreted and what was a blossoming affair disintegrated into a terrible
feeling of mistrust and bad karma. They separated for a short time. He wasn't sure if he could breech the differences, it was like a drawbridge that gets stuck open with a gaping hole that couldn't be crossed without the danger of falling down through that opening into the waters so far below to drown and never see the light of day again. But he knew if he didn't give it a try staying on his side of the bridge would be worse than falling through that opening to his death.

So, metaphorically speaking, he gunned the engine in his car and sped very quickly towards that uplifting part of the bridge and going at 100 miles an hour his car few into the air and bridged the gap onto her side where after a short time she was ready to give it a try one more time although this time she wasn't laughing, or trusting as readily. They both tried, they both loved and slowly they came together again hopefully stronger as they were tested by fire and fire makes steel stronger and maybe relationships. As far as he was concerned his life was much better with her in it. Hopefully he gave her a better living experience by being in her life.

One thing he was sure of was that any love, any relationship needs constant attention, trust and work. That's right, work! It is so easy to become concerned about the "me"  in "you and me" but it has to be always about "us", a giving and receiving of love and concern to share life's good parts as well as bad parts.

Yes he wished he could share this day with somebody but there was no one available, "this day". Happily there was someone to share the days that were following. She was there as long as she wanted to be and he wanted her to be the one sharing those good days for as long as they live.

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