Friday, May 23, 2014

Jesus My Friend

One of the Gospels has Jesus talking with his Apostles and he call them friends, saying they are no longer servants but elevated to "friends". He did command them, never giving up his Godly right, "To love one another!". He also said that they were friends because he held nothing back from them, no secrets between friends. And he passes this on to all who want to be his friend as long as they "love", no room for hate.

One of the reasons I really like Jesus, as well as respect and love him, is he really was and I suspect is still an old softy. He never was afraid to castigate those in authority for compelling those under them to do things they never did, for living high off the hog while many were living in absolute poverty.

I maintain he might have been the world's first feminist. He lived in a time when a woman was nothing, she was less than property. A woman caught in adultery was to be stoned while her John walked away scot free. A prostitute was to be scorned while being used by the male population who frequented her services.
We all know the story of the woman brought before him to be stoned that wasn't even disrespected by Jesus, after the accusers all left because of what Jesus wrote in the sand he just said, if I might paraphrase, "No one is left to accuse you? Well neither do I. Just make sure you are careful because they are out to get you, so stay away from that sin, if you can.". In Samaria , he stopped by Jacob's well to ask a Samarian woman for a drink of water and had a real conversation with her. Upon the return of his disciples they were in a confused state probably thinking Jesus shouldn't be talking to "HER", she's a Samarian, not a holy person and worst of all she is a "WOMAN". His love for woman's right to be treated fairly was paid back when except for John, one of his male "friends" the only one not to have fled the scene, was surrounded  by the only other friends of his to stand at his cross which were women led by his mother.

We can't separate Jesus' humanity from his divinity, they are one just as the Triune Deity is one, so while The Father, The Son, The Spirit are separate yet one. Which means they are are our creator, they are our friend, all bound together in the command to "Love One Another, As I have loved you". No hate, no condemnation, no revenge or retribution just "LOVE". What a great friendship to have.

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