Monday, April 14, 2014

Be An Easter Person, Resurrected and Whole

How many times have you heard it said about some grouch that "He or she is not a morning person"?  A version of that is the one who arrives home after work and wants silence so he or she can unwind.  They want to keep the people around them under their control because they really want the world around them to mourn their existence just the way they do. They are unhappy about the conditions of their life and want everybody around them to be unhappy too.

Now I realize that there are medical or psychological conditions that may affect some upon waking that can make them feel miserable. But I know those who have some conditions and because of their attitude that it is better to smile than to frown they overcome the pains and help make their world better and the world around them much better also.

There are people around us that require quiet, so much so that they never hear the joyous sounds around them. The sounds of a baby crying suddenly changing to loving cooing as they receive soothing comfort from their mothers. The sounds of a soldier or some loved one returning home after a long and arduous journey elsewhere. The sounds of lovers enjoying their love just by being with one another. The sounds of nature such as the wind blowing through the trees, the birds singing, a dog barking, a cat mewing.

Have you ever sat at a festive table that was without raucous laughter, friendly arguing, loving sharing of experiences that make life worthwhile that was quiet and without noise? If you have been there then you just don't know what it is like to live life to it's fullest as joyfully as you can.

The quiet of the night is good for sleep but the dreams that the Greek God Morpheus sends are full of success and tasting of the joys of life. The one who sleeps without dreams is like being in a coma, or dead but the one with dreams has experienced a sense of loving, succeeding, living life to its fullest. And so it should be for those awake, a life full of dreams, of reaching further than where you are, a joyous existence that wants all to come along and enjoy rather than to be quiet and sulk in despairing loneliness.

So drop those morning grouches and tired and bored human beings and come along the river of life joyfully shouting to God "How good it is!", "How Great Thou Art"!..


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