Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Big Bang Theory

Who the hell knows how this whole world and humans really started but as far as I can understand it all started with a composition of something round that had all the necessary components for life all wrapped up in the basic chemical form and it was hot I mean really boiling. Now I prefer to think that a super power that I refer to as God put this all together and knew what going to happen but HE/SHE wasn't going to micromanage so he/she let this little ball of hot chemicals boil until it exploded with a big bang. But as it exploded it expanded out and is still expanding today ever growing out from it's core to form this wonder we call galaxies. God looked around and saw all sizes of planets, stars and suns. Wow he thought, "Who would've thought that little concoction I cooked up with ever develop into this?".

Looking around he spotted one of the smallest planets orbiting around a super star at just the right distance so that it warmed the planet but didn't burn it up. This little sucker had all the right ingredients for God's next potpourri. He/She played around with different combinations of chemicals which were put into a molding unit but then was encased in solidified chemicals which he/she called skin. There were all sorts of things growing on this planet that were beautiful to the smell, eyes feel and taste.

One of the things he/she created was going to have the ability to think in scientific terms, reproduce  and roam this wonderful place making it better. All sorts of things, creatures were around and He/She had the idea to make what we call man/woman. The molding casks were set and all the right chemicals were put together even the ones necessary to make new ones. He/She ingeniously thought of self containment reproduction based on the exact thing that created and was still creating the galaxies, The Big Bang Theory. The woman would be the carrier. The experiment with the fish where the male carried just didn't have the right feel to it. The male never really adjusted the way all the other species did when the female carried. She would carry the little round egg which would be set on fire by the male and it would explode and expand and keep expanding until it would break out of the encasement and in a short time be able to take care of itself. Of course this doesn't always work out precisely as the offspring of many are never really ready to take care of themselves mainly because of over mothering but this is a better choice of male only fathering. He/She thought that it would be a good idea if there were some limitations placed on them because they would enjoy, at least the male would, reproducing so much that there would be over-population. There was the invention of "planned obsolescence" who many thought was thought of by General Motors but it was really He/She's idea. to keep this world from being destroyed by over-population.

Anyway that's it in a nutshell. Everything starts with a very small microscopic ball that needs to be set on a boiling plane until it explodes and expands and keeps expanding forever. Galaxies, Stars, Planets, Suns, Animals, vegetation everything. Of course if someone or something gets in the way the expansion is stopped, lets say by carbon released into space or what have you and then it is over. No more bang for the buck!
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