Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Success Can't Happen If You Are Afraid To Fail

Many never attain a goal or goals because they are afraid if they try they will fail. What they don't know is if they don't fail they shall never succeed. Success and failure are really related. They are like a coin with reverse, obverse, heads or tails. The fact of the matter is that there are far greater failures than successes.
There are a number of factors involved in rating an effort as successful or not.

First we have to consider who the monitor is and what the rules are that measure any effort. An individual baseball player is rated a good hitter if he succeeds 30% of the time which means he is failing 70%  of the time. This is the result of computing a batting average. But what is not recognized that the other side of this statistic is the fact that the pitchers who allow a combined .300 hitting average against them are considered
poor, failing despite the fact that they retire 70% of the batters they face and only the much smaller figure, 30% are successful against them. The measure is what finally results in wins and losses of games which by the way says if you win 70% while losing 30% the pitcher is regarded as a super star.

We can play with statistics all day but it is a dry way of facing the fact that m every thing worth striving for in each person's world is worth the try even if it results in failure because very rarely is the failure total and usually there is some success in the try which can be used in another effort which can result in success, probably not total for there is some failure in every success.

Many are afraid to take a chance at loving because of the fear of rejection. But if one never takes the chance of making themselves vulnerable they will never know the sweetness of that first kiss which leads to a loving and caring relationship which for many lasts a lifetime, but if it doesn't isn't it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all (quote the poet).

In many ways Jesus is a prime example of a person who took the chance and seemingly failed miserably but out of that failure actually changed the world. This is true even if one doesn't accept Jesus as the son of god because he lived and became involved and was not afraid of failure, which on the other side of his coin was very successful.

So for all of you who are reading this and have a secret desire to try something that all around you seem to say is foolish because it can never happen say goodbye to that advice and get off your butt and start to pursue your heart's desire without the fear of failure or looking foolish because in the effort to gain your goal any failure will be a building block which will eventually get you to the point where you will be satisfied with your success.
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