Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's up with Gov. Chris Christie

Let's consider the circumstances. We have a Governor of New Jersey who just won re-election by record proportions. He is reputed to be a rather brusque but very savvy politician that runs a tight ship. He is reputed to know how to engage in the rough and tumble politics of New Jersey, the birth place of "The Sopranos", a fictional Mafia family based on fact. He has an approval rating that is very high especially because of the way he handled the disaster inflicted upon his state by the super-storm named Sandy.  He may be the strongest Republican contender for the Presidential run in the year 2016 in fact one poll has him ahead of the Democratic front runner. Everything seems to be going very well for this Governor.

Then all of a sudden there is a major blip at the busiest bridge in the United States in the terms of traffic that passes over it daily. Something to do with a traffic study ordered by this Governor's closest advisers which caused all sorts of problems for the town of Fort Lee. The media led by members of the press investigated this situation and was either lambasted or made fun of by this Governor and his administration. They charged that investigation politically motivated to bring down this guy's reputation as he was becoming too popular.

However the investigation turned up proof that the Governor's inner sanctum actually ordered the traffic mess by using the excuse of a traffic study which never really existed. They did it all for some political reason which isn't clear to this date but they did a very wrong thing perhaps criminally.

The Governor protested loudly and long that all this was done by his closest advisers without his actually knowing and he certainly would not have ordered such a dastardly deed.  So some were thrown under the bus and investigations by authorities started. Then out of the blue the Mayor of Hoboken makes some charges that were even worse, perhaps criminal. The Mayor claimed that one person in the administration and the Lieutenant Governor both suggested that funds connected with the "Sandy" disaster were being held up because the Mayor wasn't supporting a project which the Governor held dear. The fact that a person connected with the Governor's administration was connected with this project had nothing to do with this situation but if the Mayor wanted the "Sandy" funds which was really for the people of Hoboken she had to support this company which would profit from this project. The Lt. Governor loudly protests that this conversation never took place and the Governor by extension is not involved.

Other charges are floating about and investigations are started. It makes one wonder however, just how smart this Governor is if his staff is running around doing horrendous and perhaps criminal things and he has no idea what-so-ever of these doings. Considering the fact that Chicago's Ex-Governor is in jail after a trail, and Virginia's Ex-Governor has been indicted recently for accepting gifts in violation of the public's trust it doesn't seem so far fetched that the present Governor of New Jersey might be involved in many of the charges being currently alleged. I'm not saying he is but I'm not saying he isn't. I don't know.

But what I do know is one way or another he certainly isn't smart enough or that distant from acts that might seem political rough-housing to be considered for any further public office. But don't weep for him because I am sure he will hook on to some Law Firm who needs political connections, or at lest end up with a program on Fox after he completes his term of Governor.

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