Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hanging On A Thread Between Time & Eternity

It was still fairly early in the evening. He was returning from a very good day with the person he loved. They shared a movie and dinner. The warm feeling of the evening"s company and conversation was still with him. He had on the oldies station which played the music from the 1960's up through the 1990's. This was his favorite station even though it never played Sinatra or the big bands but The Fifth Dimension, Chicago, Elton John and that group of music providers were no slouches, better than rap and hip-hop by a mile.

He was making good time on the Northern State Parkway approaching that spot where he could take the Long Island Expressway or stay on the NSP.  The roads were still a little slick from the ice and snow of the day before. He slid over to the what was to be the right hand lane of NSP figuring he would stay under the speed limit to be on the safe side and continue on NSP which was a safer thoroughfare than the LIE. There seemed to be a nagging prodding from inside his brain that perhaps he should move to the middle lane but he shrugged that off. He often heard little thoughts about where he should be or what he should do but most of the time he shrugged them off as something belonging to his conservative nature. Right at the spot where the NSP curved to the right and separated from that part of the road that led to the LIE he laughed because everything was going OK and he was safe and sound. Right at that moment his car began to swerve with the rear end swinging to the right as he apparently hit some black ice and he was going into a skid.

At times of great danger the mind works quickly and in a very short time all sorts of thoughts and images float though one's consciousness. This could be a massive and life ending pile up not only for him but for others that might be on this heavily traffic parkway.

I have to ask you now to come along with me along what happens in the world outside of the one we live in. This world is in Eternity where there is no passage of time and space. This world can let the spirit have a foot (so to speak) in both time and eternity. And this is what was happening as his life hung between time and eternity. The Spirit in charge of watching us humans sent an alert to the spirit in charge of reception alerting him that this driver was about to enter eternity fully. The receptionist immediately let him know that the person in question was not scheduled and he didn't know what to do. So they contacted the spirit that was the guardian and asked her what was happening. The guardian said she was trying to get him into the proper lane but as usual this guy wasn't listening. The guardian said she had her hands full trying to keep him out of trouble but he never listened to anybody but himself. He was liked but a real pain, hard to keep on track. The receptionist checked again and said he couldn't find the necessary approval for early admittance because it hadn't been determined where he would be sent. So he had to go to the boss for direction. The Boss was really aggravated because this guy had been a spur in his butt ever since he was created, he had some good points but those were offset by other problems. But the Boss wasn't one to shy away from decisions. He instructed the spirits who arrange matters like these to get his car off the road with only one other car slightly damaged so this guy would have another go at life while it was decided which way he was to go when his appointed time came.

Now keep in mind the accident which took place in seconds when considered in eternity there was no passage of time. So the swerve pushed out his rear end and it was jammed by the front of a car in the middle lane which straightened out his car. The two cars went to the shoulder of NSP. The drivers shook hands and he called 911. Shortly after a cop came who was just like a guardian angel. He was soft spoken. The cop even dug out the skidder's car from the snow bank he drove into. Nobody was hurt. The Cop gave a proforma report to the two drivers and they went off with both cars operating well.

Interesting how the spiritual and the flesh work together. He is going on with his life hopefully satisfying whatever doubts the Boss might have had regarding his eternal destination. Everyone is pretty happy. However the guardian was a little disappointed since she thought she was due for a long vacation after spending this man's life keeping him from getting into trouble even though she was never listened to. But, what the hell, she thought, even though he is a lot of work he certainly keeps it interesting.
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