Thursday, October 17, 2013

TV Shows etc.

The Cialis advertisement which is all over the TV these days always seems to end with a naked guy and girl in two separate bathtubs reaching over the sides holding hands. Can you tell me what the hell the message is in all of that? I understand the whole idea of Cialis but who the hell owns separate bathtubs in the first place and even if one does own one shouldn't they both be in the same one? Two separate bathtubs? I just don't get it!!

So far this season's episodes of "Homeland" has been disappointing, especially episode 3.  OK Carrie makes all the ugly faces she can make but that whole thing with Brody is so unreal it is hard to swallow AND it is very gory. It is hoped the next few episodes get it back on track.

In contrast to "Homeland" this season's "The Good Wife" is really, really good. The scripting suburb, the acting excellent, and it is developing the story line in such a fashion that it is gripping. Juliana Margulies is very sexy and a good actress to boot. The rest of the cast is suburb also.

"Masters of Sex" on Showtime is more than just a romp in the hay. Each episode is better than the last and is giving some real insight to the "Masters and Johnson" revelations in two published studies in 1966 and 1970. I don't know how much is fact or fiction but whatever is fiction is based in fact I surmise. It is not lascivious in it's presentation and it is well acted. I think civilization owes Masters and Johnson something because they cleared up a lot of misconceptions about sex. Most important is the fact that sex is not a dirty word.

Another soap opera we in the United States have been subjected to over the last few weeks was the government shutdown over the continuing resolution (budget) and the rising of the debt limit. There was much posturing. We had stars like Senator Cruz (Villain), President Obama (hero), the people who got hurt by the show, like workers going without pay, the vendors and shops that lost customers, the poor that lost food stamps and meals on wheel (collateral damage). Our heroes came at the last minute, to rescue all of us with a bill that kicks the can down the road sort of like TV series for another show around Jan. & Feb. 2014. The main players were really put out because they had to work and stay up late for a night or two but don't worry the are going on a weeks vacation to recoup. We are so lucky to have these statesmen!!!

Maria Schulz Blogged about scary movies in her "Tales From A Hungry Life" sited on Word Press. She talked about Dracula, Freddy and "Elm Street" and all those scary movies. To me one of the scariest movies was "Yours, Mine and Ours" a family of twelve and not all yours. What could be more scary than that? I know a guy and gal who raised seven kids only and that was scary enough never to want to go through that again. A rock band in the basement playing from 7 to 10 every weekday night. People walking in and out of the house at all hours. And the oldest plotting a coup so he would be in charge forever. The best part to anything as scary as this is they all grew up, left the coop and had children of their own but not as much as seven or twelve.

Why is it those who drive slower than me are idiots and those who drive faster are maniacs?  I always let those merge when I am in the right lane and they want to enter the parkway or almost always. Do you step on the imaginary brake when you are in the front passenger seat and someone else is driving? I find it an uncontrollable reflex. I can't understand why this infuriates the driver. When I drive I pay no attention to those type of moves and do my best to drive within the range of acceptability of all my passengers. Although I have noticed that many prefer to drive rather than let me drive. Why do you think that's so?

I really enjoy "The Voice". The Judges are good but Blake and Adam don't do as much for me as Shakira. from the 2012 season and Christina Aquilera really dress up the night. They are sexy, cute and seem to be real. Oh yeah, the talent is good also.

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