Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After Election Day 2012

Well we all know that President Barack Obama will be our President for the next four years. He eked out the popular vote, but it seems to be near an even split reflecting our overall view of this election as a nation. But we all know the electoral college really rules the roost and he won by a wide margin. You can tune in the cable stations and get all the breakdowns of who voted for whom and what that means so I won't bore you with all that. Instead I will tell you what I think the next four years could hold for us as a nation.

First let me say don't believe the pundits that say after the election the congress and the Presidency remains the same as before so nothing will change, everything remains the same. That is a lot of bunk. The big change is in the fact that there is no re-election that Obama has to be concerned with. By law this will be his last term. He will be more concerned with his legacy and building it through giving the citizens of this country what he thinks will be a better country in all ways through polices and laws enacted. He will compromise. He was always for compromise.

Any compromise needs at least two parties, like the song says "Two To Tango". Up to this point the Republican controlled House and the filibuster mangled Senate were the reluctant partners in this dance. I think that now that there is no longer a fear that President Obama will return they will be forced to negotiate in good faith and come to a compromise or face an electorate that will reduce the Republican party to a regional party without any national hopes. Remaining as obstructionists, as they have been will stand out like a sore thumb and practically guarantee the Democratic party a win in the Presidential election of 2016. The Republican party can and should remain the conservative party but not lean so far right that they seem mean and determined to win their arguments at all costs. There have been great Republican statesmen, and great politicians with great ideas and there are still great guys on the Republican side they just have to be ready to come out with these sane ideas despite the venom that seems to come from the far right of their party.

I have great hopes that we shall see great things happen to this great country of ours as our leaders will finally lead with conviction and for the benefit of "we the people". President Obama could be a great leader and I pray that he will be. Our Representatives and Senators can also rise to be great as a body and I pray they will. I think the next four years will lead this country to greater heights because we will move forward as a truly United States of America

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