Monday, August 20, 2012


"1 Wisdom has built herself a house; she has carved her seven pillars. 2 She has prepared her food, spiced her wine, and she has set her table. 3 She has sent out her young girls [with invitations]; she calls from the heights of the city, 4 "Whoever is unsure of himself, turn in here!"To someone weak-willed she says, 5 "Come and eat my food! Drink the wine I have mixed! 6 Don't stay unsure of yourself, but live! Walk in the way of understanding!"

Wisdom is beckoning us to stop and and spend time with her so that we can become sure of ourselves as we gain greater understanding of what life is all about. One of the things we have to do is stop and eat of the food Wisdom has prepared for us. I guess that means we have to slow down and try and figure out what is important to us and whatever that might be we have to ask ourselves if whatever we are pursuing should be that important. 

Carpe Diem, "Seize The Day!". This is Wisdom's theme I would think. The past is gone never to be relived. The past can serve as an instructive phase of our lives. The future which we always seem to worry about hasn't come yet and may never come for some of us. The future however has so many variables attached to it that usually whatever happens is something we have never thought of. The only thing we have certainty about is the "now", the present moment which flies by so quickly we never seem to have time to enjoy the moment. Yes we fail to "Seize The Day", to enjoy the moment, the people, the loved ones, the time of our existence that is the only time that we actually own. 

We have to slow down and appreciate what is before us at this very moment. The problems of getting through the day, earning a living, getting ready for retirement make the day blur as it goes by us so quickly. The children we had and could hold in our arms and kiss them with great love are now grown and the magical time of their childhood is gone and hardly remembered because of the blur caused by the worries of the day, worries that rarely materialized. Now those children are caught up in the blur of the day, the same worries we had and perhaps they are moving too fast to "Seize The Day".

Perhaps the very person you were so in love with has faded from your life. When you had the chance you didn't stop to say you loved her, needed her, wanted to spend the rest of your life loving her. Now she is gone and the time is no longer present when you can say those things. The moment has passed never to be recaptured, and it is a shame that it has. 

So Wisdom is now beckoning to you, no matter what age, what your position in life is, Wisdom is beckoning to you to slow down and visit with her, drink of her wine, eat her food and "Seize The Day". Take the time to really love your children, tell the ones you love that you do love them, and don't be worried about tomorrow for the tomorrow you are concerned about will probably never come. Take the time to enjoy the meal set before you by Wisdom today.   

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