Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Tapestry of Life

He always struggled with the month of July ever since she left him. After all July was their month that they started their tapestry. Some fifty-five years ago they got all the material and cotton, wool, silver plenty of gold and colors. They weren't sure how the tapestry would turn out but they blindly jumped in and started weaving all the threads which were to bind them forever. The tapestry had been finished for almost five years now but she was no longer around to appreciate its beauty. They captured everything  and it amazed him how there were mostly bright colors even where he thought blackness would appear.

This beautiful creation started out with only a couple of threads but as they wove it it became crowded with the delights of loving lustily and purely. There were pictures of their seven descendants, and their offspring and it showed when they lost their baby teeth and cut their grown up teeth as they all made the errors that bound them together. This beautiful creation showed the joy of a man and women loving, laughing and crying capturing all the colors of the rainbow.

While she left some four and a half years ago she really started to leave him little by little, inch by inch  much earlier until for a few years before the finality of it all she left him altogether while her physical presence was still there. He thought for sure that this is where their tapestry would show complete blackness, there was some but it was really dominated by gold and he came to understand as he studied their tapestry that through the darkest moments he grew to love her more instead of less and somehow she grew to love him deeper than she could have if she wasn't slowly deteriorating. A riddle of life I suppose.

For a time after the completion of their tapestry he just took time to study it and think about all they had but had no more. After a time sadness became a sort of waiting for the time they'd meet in the afterlife. He really had no thought to doing more than having a few laughs and waiting for the inevitable. Life throws curves however and in his complacency there enter another who woke him up to the fact that life is for living not waiting to pass into the hereafter. He searched to see if he had any thread left to start a new tapestry. He had none left. Then it dawned on him, of course they used up all that was given to them their time was finished and showed that in the tapestry. This could be a new creation, full of love, full of colors, full of gold. But he couldn't do it all by himself. The threads had to be given to both of them so they could start to weave their tapestry of life. Then he really became frightened. What if she didn't want to create a work of art woven and strengthened by cords of gold and silver? What if he didn't have enough time left to complete any work of art much less start it.

One thing he knew he didn't have the time he had when they started on the first tapestry. This thought only confirmed to him that he'd better live each day as if it was his last because a glut of time belongs to the young who generally waste it  and he sure as hell wasted plenty and didn't want to waste anymore. In any case he had to play the hand dealt him. The important thing is to play the game and the outcome depends on many things which can lead to many surprises. So he figured I guess I can start this tapestry with a little bit of love and try and complete it bit by bit and if she wants to join in then maybe we can have a true work of art.    
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