Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Thoughts While Contemplating My Belly Button

We in the Unites States have a penchant for making everything that happens that may not be wonderful sound like it is. Been reading a few articles that make seem like ageing, getting old, is the most wonderful thing in the world. They even suppose, "Its better than the alternative.", and I wonder "Is it?". Let's consider what happens when one gets old. First of all this consideration come with the caveat that we are talking about those with generally good health because that is really the norm, childhood and young adult diseases do occur but for the majority the illness, weakness and diseases do not come until ageing starts. Whether we are slow or fast our speed decreases until we can hardly walk until we don't walk but are chained to a wheel chair or bed. Whether we had good or bad sight it gets steadily worse until we have very little left. Whether we were blessed with good looks or not gravity takes hold and not only do breasts sag but so do eye lids, rumps, and the flesh around our upper arms that used to boast firm biceps sag and move to and fro when we raise them, if we can raise them. I could go on and on but why bother. However, let me mention the fact that reflexes and minds begin to falter as ageing takes place and even for those who put it off eventually overtakes us into some form of senility. So why the hell are people now writing articles romanticizing getting old? Huh!? 

Ever since Obama was elected President I have been telling people that racism is showing its ugly head in those that oppose him. Naturally, I have been told I was full of it. What the hell did I know? Recently, there was a statistical study made using Google, words that were used in searches. Now I don't know the whole scientific reasoning about this but it seems to be accepted by the scientific community that accepts or rejects these studies, one can look it up on Google if one so desires. Guess what? It shows there is racism and prejudice in many sections of the country and one can draw the inference that voters may, and will vote against Obama because he is BLACK, of course he is White too but that's another story. What it comes down to is Romney isn't black so many will vote for him because he Obama is. One can also draw the inference from the study that those who are racist are the same ones who will jump on whatever is published on the Internet that defames Obama which gives rise to the fear that he isn't a US Citizen, that he's a Muslim in waiting to destroy the US and institute Sharia law, and horrors worst of all he is a European Socialist who only wants to take from the rich and lead us into ruin. They spent a lot of money doing this study but hey I could have told them all that for nothing. Come on, didn't we all know it in our hearts, even if we didn't want to admit it out loud?

What is with all these Political Pundits who seem to want to put everyone in a bloc as though let us say all women agree on anything or they are not biased one against the other. While working Mothers fight for equal pay, that is as to what men make for the same job, they look snidely at the stay at home Moms as not showing their true feminism by joining the work force and fighting the good fight. While the stay at home Moms really feel that the working Mom isn't doing her job by being a good stay at home Mother. The religious mother who has a lot of children are scoffed at by the feminist who feels they are contributing to the worlds over population woes of food shortages and pollution. But there are many men out there who secretly want the women out of the work place because they are occupying jobs they should have and after all they belong at home Mothering and cooking meals for the hunter. Biases are not relegated to genders but also occur in ethnic groups.  Did you know back in the day, light skinned Negros, as they were referred to then, were called High Yellows by their own group and looked down upon? The Militants used to refer to those who wanted to better themselves in a non-violent manner as "Uncle Toms".  I bet that stuff still goes on today but under different names. The Hispanic community is always referred to as if it is a bloc. Well it isn't! Back in the day, Puerto Ricans and Cubans always feuded because one thought they were better than the other and of course the Puerto Rican was a US citizen and the Cuban was not. Deportation binds a lot of wounds but I bet dollars to doughnuts that the Mexican has a different idea of justice than the Central American who is facing the same situation because of illegal entry. Both of course wonder why the situation of legal entry seems to be working easier for the recent influx of Asians, Koreans, Chinese et. al. than for them whether or not that type of reasoning actually applies.

How can Romney continue to say nothing and still seem to be in a dead heat with Obama according to recent polls? Oh yeah, I covered that one already!

Why is it the Atheistic arguments against organized religion and God seem to make such good sense but I continue to believe in Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church? I mean the Church is so mucked up even if one goes back through its history. Yet it offers me the chance to commune with my God in such a unique and personal way and it tries to do good even if it seems to be influenced by some nut jobs. But besides the nut jobs look at the rich history of greatness that seems to be everywhere within the church, St. Francis of Assisi (The Sissy I like to kid him), St. Anthony who always helps me find the things I misplace and never gives up trying to make me organized. Too many to mention but I must mention Jesus. Where would I be without him? I can't even imagine what that whole Trinity theology is about but I hold on to it. Jesus, my God, my friend who walks with me, at least I feel it is so. The intellectuals can prove all I believe is some kind of crazy wishful thinking but I guess I walk in faith believing not only in what I see but much of what I don't see. There are thousands of pictures, sounds and events from the past and present around us but we don't see them. Don't say they are not there because they are. With the use of TV we can send pictures around the world and with certain receptors we can see and hear these things yet they are sent through the air and are all around us but never disturbing us. Up in the sky the evening has black holes in the sky which can lead to other galaxies that may have life just like ours or even superior. Once we thought the earth was the center of our universe but now we know we had it wrong, for our world orbits the sun not the other way around. Sometimes our intellectuals are just too smart for their own britches. So I shall stay with what I have faith in, my Catholic Church and my loving God and the really swinging Holy Spirit and of course my man god who walked the earth some 2000 years ago but remains to take a walk with me whenever I need him. Who? Jesus of course!

My belly button has given me so much to contemplate that I must rest and get ready for the important part of the day when The New York Yankees play baseball.      
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