Monday, February 20, 2012

Insanity & Linsanity

Besides politics New York, The United States and the whole world, for God's sake, has had their attention diverted towards two budding superstars of the future. One is New York's own newly elevated Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, of The Holy Roman Catholic Church, and the other is New York's own Jeremy Lin, of the New York Knickerbockers. They are both the center of attraction and the talk of the whole world, or did I just say that? The question arises is will they both succeed, or will just one, or will they both fade in obscurity?

Although there is a difference in age there are many similarities between them. Both are very aggressive and attack the basket strongly. Both for the most part lived in relative obscurity. Both came upon the scene by being in the right place at the right time and took advantage of the opportunity presented. Both seem to have a quiet faith but are outspoken about it without being overbearing. Both have seemed to take their team upon their shoulders and lifted them from the doldrums. They differ in physical shape with the younger one holding the better form. The question is whether they can sustain such high excellence without faltering.

One problem facing both of them is ownership and the coaches for whom they play, and the fans who support them. The purpose of both teams is to put people in the seats. As long as they continue to win and show the humanity and faith they have, the people will come. They both have to realize that ownership and coaches will play a big part in their success. The Cardinal must figure out if ownership in in Rome or comes from a much higher place. His coach, and maybe owner, could be one and the same. He will have to decide if his eyes look Eastward or upward. He has to play hard for his real boss or else he will fade and the people will not come.
Lin on the other hand has only to keep his mouth shut or say the correct things and stay fit physically while he continues to play at a high level which will keep the seats filled and the owner happy. It is important for him to continue to please the coaches, whose system fits his talents so well. Any changes in ownership or coaches could jeopardize his future as a budding super star.

Here is hoping both succeed and the insanity and linsanity continue until their respective time in the sun fades to old age and new superstars arise to uplift the base of humanity. Meanwhile let us sit back and enjoy their moment in the sun as it is happening.

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