Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Republican Primary 2012

This is the year The Republicans can really take back the Executive branch and possibly the Senate and you know what? They look like they are going to blow it. President Obama looks weak as the economy. Perhaps some months from now the economy will pick up but if it doesn't he isn't coming from a strong position. On top of a weak economy many of the voters out there really hate the guy. They believe all the "stuff" floating around cyber-space like he isn't really who he says he is. Many actually believe, because they want to believe, that he isn't a citizen and his birth certificate is forged; that he has obtained a false social security number and that he is like the main character on the TV hit "Mad Men", Don Draper.  Many actually believe Obama is a phony made up character waiting to impose Sharia law. So President Obama is ripe for the taking. But who do the Republicans put up to run against him? The strongest of their party you would think, wouldn't you? If the current crop of pretenders to the throne are the best they have to offer then they are in bad shape.

Right now they are in a cannibalistic feast feeding off one another's weaknesses and apparently there are many weaknesses to feed off. The front runner Mitt Romney, has flipped flopped on so many fronts that it is hard to define him or his policies. He tries to sell the idea that he is just like all of blue collar folk who tremble at the thought of being fired yet he has so much wealth that his tip money for the year probably matches our wages. Phony Baloney! Newt Gingrich, is he the second guy? Whatever he is, he's mad and he's seems bent on destroying Romney for ruining him in the Iowa caucuses. With the pressure coming from the core conservatives like that fat commentator, whatever his name is, and some of the politicians like McCain, he may be backing off a bit maybe trying to negotiate an Ambassadorship somewhere if the Republicans win. Notice many of those who served under his Speakership refuse to back him some even saying he can't be trusted. Rich Santorum who says openly that he wants to put religion back into politics. Have you noticed where many of our religious leaders have led us and how hypocritical they seem to be? I remember many who confessed that they have sinned and asked for forgiveness and then went right out and sinned again. I notice that they all have great clothes and live in what seems like the lap of luxury just like Jesus did. Need I say more? Santorum can't win a general nationwide election and neither can Ron Paul but the more they run the more they weaken their party. Perry of course provides comic relief so I guess he doesn't do too much harm except makes one wonder how the hell did he ever get elected Governor? Oh, yeah, I forgot the state is Texas. Is Huntsman really real? He doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the Republican primary and yet he might be the sanest guy in the race who could make a strong run against Obama nationally. Maybe they will do something at their convention and draft a candidate like Chris Christie but by then I fear they will have self destructed beyond repair and begin to think about 2016.

The one trump card the Republicans have is there are many, as I pointed out before, that actually believe Obama is a hated Muslim, Radical Black Christian, Don Draper made up guy and must be stopped at all costs even if it means weakening the United States with guys like those Republicans presently running and the policies they are espousing. Believe it or not a lot of so called nice people feel this way. Maybe there will be a change by November. One can only hope, can't one?


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