Friday, January 6, 2012

Random Thoughts While Clipping My Toenails

Has anyone but me noticed that College Graduates of today have terrible vocabulary?  It would seem only proper that after spending all that money for a degree the least that could be expected would be that the graduates could speak and understand the King's English.

Shouldn't Universities be held responsible for producing graduates that have meaningless Degrees? Of course a College Degree is necessary but it should also be relevant. The schools charge high tuition and make it easy to somehow get through what used to be four years and now it is at least six. The parents and graduates come out of school holding Degrees that have huge loans attached to them that may take a lifetime to pay off. Meanwhile the Presidents and Deans live the good life, sort of like the leeches that suck the blood out of the animals.

Multi-tasking ain't a good thing. I watch as the youth of today study while texting and preparing dinner and making plans for the weekend activities. Then I hear the complaints that their social life isn't what it should be; that they've under-performed again; that dinner stinks. It would seem to me that if one would concentrate on the task at hand until it was finished then move on to the next project, things would be better. Like a baby, one step at a time until finally, walking comes naturally. 

The State has balanced the budget. Hooray! The Nursing Home I know has had $6.5 Million cut from State aid in two years. The workers have not had a raise in years. The residents have to be getting lesser care as the Aids and Nurses become more over worked. I haven't noticed the Governor or State Politicians living more frugally. Have you? The Politicians in Washington keep proposing cutting spending but one side seems to want to cut more from those who are already cut to the bone while the rich get richer. The particular part of all this is the very people who are being affected by all these cuts are the very people who need the most help and they are the very people supporting the cuts. Am I crazy or what? 

Has anyone noticed that the Yankees have increased their prices? The Mets have too. They tell me that the Jersey Giants and Jets (Buffalo is the only New York pro football team) charge exorbitant prices for seats but even before you can pay for the seats you've got to pay for a license to purchase the seats. I don't have all the details because there is no way in hell I can afford to go these games. Yet, except for the Mets who put out an inferior product, they are all playing to full houses. Of course Corporate buyers are there but so are ordinary people. I thought we were in a terrible recession! Maybe not all of us, uh?

I know a recent College Grad, took some six or seven years to get his undergraduate degree, who said he had a five year plan now that he's out of college. He intended to send his resume out and wait. Try different things and if he doesn't get set within five years he will reassess the situation and make another five year plan. I hope he didn't graduate with a business degree for obvious reasons. Maybe he'll go back to school for a Graduate degree and maybe he'll be forty when he runs out of five year plans. This is a college graduate?

I know an old man who wishes he was young so at least he could have one more hot romantic fling before he dies. I have finished clipping my nails. I think this is a good place to stop.  

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