Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eric Cantor and Other Idiots

Our great Republican Representative Eric Cantor who seems to have only one object in mind and that is to keep Obama a one term President, suggests strongly that all FEMA aid for the Irene Hurricane victims be held hostage to cuts in spending or they won't fly. With the Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Hurricanes FEMA's budget is running short of funds but can't get anymore unless spending cuts are found. Never happened before but the Tea Party says that is the change they are bringing. While they protect the rich who certainly can sustain losses due to disasters, they claim they are protecting "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" by stuffing it to the middle class who need State and Federal assistance to try and cut their losses from disasters. Without help they go down the tubes. Aren't the vulnerable "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE"? What they really want is to play this card over and over again and with the help of Rush Limburger and Fox turn the voters against Obama so they can then defeat him and then get control and really do a job on "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" by slashing the entitlement programs they have hated since their inception. When the say "FIX" they mean "SLASH" programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security so the rich can get richer and the middle class can become the poorer class and we can have two classes, The Rich, led by the Eric Cantors and Rush Limburger's. Then the poor led by US, you and me, "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" can fend for themselves. Let us hope Obama doesn't fold in this fight! Because he has folded in many past skirmishes but some times strategic retreats lead to ultimate victory.

The other Idiots I refer to in the title are those columnists and talking heads that are finding fault with the National Weather Service, Federal and State Governments and the TV media for their handling of IRENE.
They are all crazy! They are saying they made too much of the hurricane after all it wasn't as vicious as predicted  Instead of being joyous over the fact that Mother Nature had a little breakdown in her force
sparing us greater damage they want to say that all acted in their own interest by insidiously overplaying the situation for their own profit and aggrandizement rather than acting in the interest of the citizenry.  By preparing, and maybe over-preparing out of caution many lives were saved. Many of the known deaths related to Irene came from people NOT heeding the warnings and advice of our leaders. Their actions saved us from a nation in mourning instead of a nation in recovery. They reacted quickly and in many cases had everything in place BEFORE the storm struck thereby avoiding a Katrina type of episode. They were up all hours. They were at the helm. This time they didn't go to Bermuda or some tropical place, this time they were here with us doing everything in their power to keep the damage minimalized and getting the recovery underway as soon as possible. Bravo! So a few more dollars were spent. So a few people scored some points personally at he end of the day we "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" were safer. By the way just because  you or I or your mother didn't suffer much damage and wasn't put in harm's way doesn't mean that many millions weren't as lucky. Some lost houses, savings, incurred minor injuries that could have been worse if they didn't heed the instructions. Ask them if they think the officials and the media didn't help and I bet they would say maybe, if it was a bit much it helped greatly and damn the critics who worry more about dollars than human life and possible misery. By the way the damaging effects of Irene are still being felt as massive flooding is happening as we speak due to rivers cresting far above flood levels in many areas. It is so easy for those who live comfortable lives far away from the real world that we in the middle class and poor must endure to survive, to be critical. Sure, they are safe. They are OK. Somehow they rose above us, they and the Politicians, and they are glad, and they intend to remain above us. Give it all up for the greater good? For what? For someone I don't know? Are you kidding!?
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