Friday, June 17, 2011

The New Pin Cushions, The Obamas

Is it just me or have you experienced this also? Pundits, Political Junkies, Internet Buzz and just plain people like you and me never just criticize President Obama for his policies without getting personal in a venomous manner with him or his family? After the election I figured some of this stuff, which to me anyway, seems like real hate, would go away, instead it intensified.I thought to myself it may be because he's black yet some of my friends say that isn't so. Do they protest too much? I wonder. Many insist on sending some of this Internet tripe that suggests he really wasn't a good student and somehow he bought his way through school while he was planning to subvert the American economy when he would be elected President which he somehow knew even then. By the way according to some of this newest "stuff" he knew it when he was a pot smoking no-gooder. Huh? I couldn't help but respond to one. I never mentioned the word black yet the response I received was I don't accept Obama as President because of his policies not because he is black. Huh? Who said anything about Obama being black? By the way he is also white I believe the term is multi-racial.

When the then Sen. Obama burst on the national scene he first was attacked for being a racially motivated Black Christian something like a Black Panther. When this personal attack failed he was then charged with being a Muslim, which having a name like Barack made it easy to do. You can't be both but that didn't stop his detractors they just continued to circulate this "stuff". Then came the Birthers. He wasn't a natural born U. S. citizen. All the way up to Trump and Hannity and that ilk. Finally he produces the birth certificate and the whispers still charge that it might not be so along with the question, "Why did he spend millions to hide it?", which question never proves he spent anything to hide anything. All this says he is not like us (us being good solid Americans). His economic policies are planned to lead us into a socialistic state or so goes the charges implying he is purposely undermining America's free capitalism system so he can destroy us (notice he isn't one of "us").

On top of all this he is trying to supplant our rule of law with Muslim law. You mean you haven't heard that charge? As if any one person could do that? The charge claims conspiracy which begs the question; Who are the people he is conspiring with? Everything is hidden and mysterious! His detractors haven't stopped at attacking him personally they have attacked Michele in very degrading ways. You mean you haven't seen those pictures circulating on the Internet? If you do see them tell me they are not bigoted portrayals of black people. What makes it so shameful is Michele Obama is very attractive and gracious doing much good for our children and even our retail outlets by wearing clothes bought at the Gap and the like which sell out at a decent price. Quietly going about doing good on all levels.

Let us examine how this Obama fellow is hurting us good Americans. He came on the scene with the economy in free fall. While it is not where it should be we are not in a depression. Mitt Romney said let the U. S. Auto makers go into bankruptcy. Obama got them out of a failing situation so that the American auto industry is doing fine right now saving tens of thousands of jobs. After three Presidents failed, Osama Bin Laden was finally put out of his misery (and ours) due to President Obama's decision. Now for the dreaded Obama care. I personally know people who have benefited by it, one who gets medicine previously denied his family because they reached their quota, many recent College graduates who were able to stay on their parents insurance and another whose insurance limited in-patient mental hospital stay which under the present law can't be differentiated from medical in-hospital stay. These cases would have left people to fend for themselves many without any heath insurance for their needs. I got to admit this Obama guy is really trying to subvert the American way.

So far he is fighting the Republican platform of putting Medicare on a voucher system, cutting basic social programs while increasing tax breaks for the most wealthy. Okay, If that is what you want then go ahead and defend the plan. But do it on a policy basis NOT A PERSONAL VENDETTA! Oh and by the way the free market everyone always references is not there. Adam Smith's, Lassie Fare and invisible hand just isn't there anymore. When the Capitalist had free reign we had child labor, fifteen hour days and dangerous working conditions which led to rise of unions, child labor laws and all sorts of regulations like regulating inter-state dealings. So Okay I support your right to want all the Republicans have to offer. God Bless, it's all yours.
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