Friday, May 13, 2011

Have We Lost Our Sense of Wonder?

Webster's New World Dictionary defines wonder thus; "a person, thing, or event causing astonishment, and admiration: marvel". I might add, something that takes your breath away and leaves you stunned in your tracks.  There are things that occur each and every day that should cause a sense of wonderment but because they do occur so often and in what we would call the natural state we take them for granted or don't even recognize the magic around us. Many would like to say we lose our sense of wonder as we age implying that the young have this sense. From infancy actually we are being groomed to bury the sense of wonder and just accept the daily act of experiencing new things as though it is nothing special. Maybe this is needed or else we couldn't focus on obtaining objectives and goals if we were always in awe of our surroundings. Thinking about this concept led me to contemplate the various things I come in contact with from both the natural and super natural that I have really taken for granted. 

For those of us who believe, Easter is really about an event that should leave us stunned and breathless, I  mean, Dead and now Alive! Yeah I know there are religious celebrations but aren't they more about the clothes, family meals Easter Bunnies? There is  a kind of a reenactment of this type of thing that we do every day. Our bodies get tired, need sleep and after a period of unconsciousness we rise refreshed (I hope). We don't know why this type of activity is needed but without it we would die. We don't give a second thought to our bodies or mind unless we get sick. Just think, we are really a collection of solidified chemicals operating through some electrical system that has a network of nerves through our spine up into our brain which somehow produces thoughts which may be a reflection of our soul which is formless. We don't stand in awe of all this because we don't really understand it but it is wonderful. Is it not?

Some other things that might cause wonder could be that experience that can only take place once and when it does we don't realize how full of wonder it was. My first kiss occurred in a hallway when I was three and playing house with my next door neighbor. A very long time ago but it was sweet, full of innocence giving a bit of an entry into an older life. I still remember it and the bonding of two small people. Almost twenty years later my first kiss with my wife took place on a starlit night overlooking Manhasset Bay. A different kind of kiss but one I still remember as our lips met for the first time  not quite as innocent as the other first kiss but just as important. Wonderful moments in the development of a life. There are other moments that cause a sense of wonder when contemplated. I know a person who has a tree that produces peony flowers which are beautiful. To me the wonder is in how a seed can produce tall trees and beautiful flowers. To this person the wonder is in the same things I see but more because they bond with a person, experiences that she had that the Peony Tree inspires memories of. Isn't this something we should be in wonderment about and awed how the human mind can take inanimate objects and bring them alive with events that seemingly have passed but still live in our mind?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west and the views are awe inspiring. The stars light up the night sky with the night's orb burning with the light provided by the sun which we won't see 'till morning. Many years ago my wife and I married and shared many kisses and produced children who produced children and I've got to see all of that. Now that I reflect on it all I stand in amazement and marvel at the wonderful things that are happening all around me all the time. 

Have I lost the sense of wonder? Maybe I'm just getting it back.

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