Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Today it seemed the whole world was focused on William and Kate's wedding. I think one television station estimated a billion people viewed it while there was a million in the square surrounding the church. Many were focused on the wedding, the participants and the pomp and circumstance as though they were a part of their family. Kate did look beautiful. William did look handsome. Even the presiding Bishop looked the part. Yet as all this was going on the advertisement begging for donation for Save The Children Foundation crept into my mind. They showed a pre-teen kid from some far off land who had lost his parents and was forced to take care of his three brothers. He was feeding them gruel with his hands and if they got sick there was no one to take care of them unless we, me, you (?), sent them money through this foundation then collectively they could get schooling, food, shelter, clothing . Without help they would all die.  But who cares for today we are witnessing a ROYAL WEDDING!

As my mind drifted back to this great wedding I wondered how much it had cost. It was certainly opulent enough, dare I say, more than enough. But what the heck this is royalty and they deserve it, the divine right of kings and all that stuff. I wondered how they got all this wealth. I am not sure but I think every English subject donates something to keep them wealthy. I might ask why not? But then I might ask what do they do to deserve this. William's mother did bring the status of women to another level and Kate is continuing along that fashion. Then my mind slipped to something I read, or did I see it on 60 minutes (?), where some places like the backwaters of India still give daughters in marriages and if they don't work out and the family refuses to take them back they are immolated. We do know of many places women have to walk around completely covered and if they step out of line they are beaten and could be stoned to death. Ah, but Kate looks so beautiful in her pure virginal white wedding gown and she IS the star. We'll  worry about the other women some other time for now we've got a ROYAL WEDDING to watch.

They are driving off now to go home change and get ready for the big party at the Castle Mum is letting them use tonight. They don't have to drive very far and their home is naturally fit for royalty. The crowds are cheering and everyone is so happy. Back home in Alabama, the President and the elected officials are walking around the devastation brought on by tornadoes the like have never been seen before or so I am told. People, dead, hurt. Homes, towns completely destroyed. Literally, nothing left for them except to pick up what they can, find a shelter and hope FEMA doesn't fail them like they failed the victims of Katrina. But The Duke and Duchess are going to their grand home to get ready for the big evening festivities so let's shove Alabama, Mississippi and all of that dreadful stuff to the back of our heads. With a Royal Wedding about we've got to be joyful or these Elite people will not be able to enjoy their opulent gluttony.

I wonder if they will continue to show the night festivities on Television. We would have to see it if at all possible. The Palace will be filled with the world's important people, the only one's that matter. These important people will be filling themselves with wine, great food and dancing and laughing. The world is a great place. Then my mind slips into some sort of crazy thought, there are more people going to bed tonight hungry than there are those who have eaten enough. There are those children picking over garbage dumps to see if they can get something to wear or eat. There are children being used in sex trafficking all over the world.
Hey let's get real. Even Christ said we will always have the poor with us but didn't he imply that we should at least be aware of them and try to fill their needs? Oh forget about it. Today we had a ROYAL WEDDING.
It is time to eat, drink and be merry, at least for us who can; for those who can't. TOUGH!
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