Sunday, April 17, 2011

It Really Wasn't All That Important

She had reached the time in her life where she could reflect on certain happenings that caused much grief or uneasiness at the time but really wasn't worth all that angst. The important things in her life, her children, grandchildren. Her marriage was for the most part happy but even that was troubled by doubts caused by youth and inexperience. She could do nothing about that now as her husband had been cut down far too young, at least in her mind, for them to enjoy "the golden years'. She wasn't sure how much time she would have left in this world so she was determined to enjoy every second while she still had the time. She did, however, spend time thinking about the past and the good times and the seemingly, not so good. This one experience seemed to be sticking in her mind today.

It happened over fifty years ago but it remained vivid in her mind as though it happened yesterday. They were married seven years but were still very young. The seven years produced five children and it seemed that all she was doing at the time was changing diapers. Back then there was only cloth diapers which had to be washed, even if a diaper service was used it was a tough job. As she mused about this she let a short chuckle go. Her husband kept saying at the time he couldn't understand why she seemed so tired all the time. Those first years of marriage seemed like a whirl-wind. They started out without any money and always seemed to be catching up. He promised her when he proposed was that they'd have a lot of love, laughs, kids but very little money and so far he made good on his promises. Over the last few years he took a chance on a new job with a small company and was a young man on the rise. They were able to pay off some debts but had very little left over for vacations or new clothes and other goodies. Of course he had to have the proper clothes to meet with executives and members of the financial community. Up to now she was at home out of the spotlight but now she was invited to a wedding of an executive that would have celebrities as well as other executives present. She had to look nice. Now, she could admit to herself, that she had her day. She was a super beauty that caused men's head to turn as well as some women. She never thought so, she thought she was plain. But now she knew she wasn't. Yes she had her day, yet she didn't enjoy it as she could have.

She fretted greatly over being at that wedding as though she would be exposed as a fumbling anchor around her husband's neck. She never let her husband know of her worries but she spent some sleepless nights as the day approached. She was afraid of looking foolish, little did she realize that everyone that met her only saw great beauty and a happy heart. The day had arrived. It was a beautiful late March day, a bite in the sun drenched air. A day that held a promise of better days to come. She recalled that she wasn't happy with her outfit yet she had to stay within their budget and everything she liked cost twice of what she spent. She managed to get the nylons that covered her varicose veins brought about by frequent childbirth and she guessed she looked good enough for the day. They arrived at the church and managed to sit in the rear pew unobserved and out of the way. In a short time the Bride arrived and the ceremony began.

As the ceremony was nearing its end her husband leaned over to her and asked if she smelled something odious. She responded she did not. Yet he persisted the odor was getting worse. He then took a good look at her. Her face was drenched in sweat. The day was kind of cold and she was perspiring like a garden hose with droplets coming out of every pore of her body. He leaned closer and he realized the odor was coming from her.

As she was recollecting this scene from so many years ago she heard her young voice trembling from near tears, "Honey, I can't stop sweating. My deodorant has failed and I think my monthly visitor has come unexpectedly.", which mad him realize that they couldn't go to the reception until this situation was corrected. She remembered him consoling her and trying to look as though he really knew what to do but he was young and inexperienced also. She remembered that he kept her away from everyone as he said he would meet them all at the reception. They got into the car and the odor was terrible, reeking, foul. He assured her that they would find a way to beat this. He drove to Macy's Department store as he told her he just got a credit card. Entering the women's fashion department they met an elderly sales lady who couldn't hide the fact that something really was stinking here. This old gnarled saleslady turned out to be the guardian angel they needed. The saleslady put her arm around her and asked her how she could help her but first tell her what was happening. She broke into tears as she related the story to the saleslady and the lady told the husband to sit a while and took her back into the dressing room.

When she emerged from the dressing room she had a great black outfit on and she smelled delightful , only of some deliciously light perfume and her monthly visitor was under control. The guardian angel explained she was young once and all young girls experience something that assails their confidence but now everything would be fine. They paid with the brand new credit card and threw her old clothes, including her underwear, into a refuse can as they left. When they arrived at the reception they were a little late but well received. She was seated next to the President's second wife after a recent messy divorce. It seems they were about the same age and hit it off real well. On top of that every executive tried to have a dance with her. The whole shebang was a success, nothing at all to worry about with thanks to their guardian angel.

Now some fifty years later she was much wiser AND older. She could laugh at it all now. She thought she better stop dilly-dallying and get her act together since she was meeting friends for lunch.  "When we were young we were silly, silly girls and I wouldn't change it for the world."
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