Friday, March 25, 2011


 MAYBE YOU'LL BE THERE LYRICS By Sammy Gallop, Music Rube Bloom
Each time I see a crowd of people
Just like a fool I stop and stare
It's really not the proper thing to do 
But maybe you'll be there
I go out walking after midnight
Along the lonely thoroughfare
It's not the time or place
To look for you
But maybe you'll be there
You said your arms would always hold me
You said you lips were mine alone to kiss
Now after all those things you told me
How can it end like this
Someday if all my prayers are answered
I'll hear a footstep on the stair
With anxious heart
I'll hurry to the door
And maybe you'll
Be there

It seems like yesterday that they parted after spending what seemed like a lifetime together but it wasn't, it was more than a few years now. But he never got over her. There was something magical about her; something that could make him reach out of himself and grab for the heavens and touch the stars. When they first met her beauty stunned him. He never felt he could touch her in such a way that would lead to her being in his arms and loving him with the passion he felt for her. Wherever they went, be it to the beach, the movies, Broadway Plays or just having supper with a few drinks the place was always brighter, always seemed magical just because she was there. Her laughter made even the most raucous comedy pure and joyful. After a few years she reciprocated his love leading to a blissful joy filled with passion, love and living life to its fullest. Even their fights were out of the ordinary but paled in comparison to the make-up moments. Suddenly, little by little, she began to slip away from him. No matter how they tried he was losing his hold on her and she began to slip away. There were many years he tried to hold on to her but he came to the realization he had to let her go. She would never be the same if she stayed with him. When the time came for her to leave he didn't fight it. He let it happen. It was what she needed to become that magical person again. She had to leave. Down deep he thought he would handle this in the way he handled everything in his life that was distasteful; let it happen and put it aside , get on with his life. There were other people, other opportunities a chance at a new life for him as well. Try as he might nothing satisfied him, people and opportunities came and went but everything paled when compared to what he, they, once had.

He still leads an active life with what may seem to those he encounters as satisfying and fulfilling. There is much to do, many laughs to be had and many loves to satisfy his hungers. Yet when he is out on the town and he sees a crowd of people he stops and stares looking for the one person who could fill his emptiness hoping she might be there. Yet he knows she is gone and he must get on with his life, get over it, as many have told him. The particular thing is they don't know the food has become tasteless, the wine, vinegar and when he now reaches for the heavens he can barely get his hands above his head much less touch the stars.  

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