Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Budget Process! If We Are Broke Where The Hell Did All This Money Come From?

Pres. Obama submitted his budget (what year this covers I am not sure?) and it has cuts in it. John Boehner, The Speaker of The House (whose house I am not sure?) says Obama hasn't cut enough and anyway JB is interested in cutting the budget (I think this years but I am not sure) before he gets to the Obama budget but in any case he and all the Republicans and Tea Party people (I thought they were Republicans but I can be wrong?) say bigger and better cuts and more cuts have to be made. We have 50 states and I think 52 Governors (Maybe only 50?) have to cut their budgets because they are broke. Everyone seems to be saying we are BROKE; BROKE BROKE!!!!! Should I panic I ask myself? I thought I heard the other day that Bankers and Brokers were having a banner year as well as our Auto Industries and everybody involved are going to get BIG; BIG; BONUSES! This doesn't sound like we are running out of money does it? Then I wondered, where are all these cuts coming from? I seem to get the queasy feeling the cuts are coming from our pockets, and from our I don't mean the rich and prosperous for they are giving themselves BIG BONUSES!

Now I am getting more confused than ever, everybody (by everybody I mean our leaders?) is yelling CUT, CUT, CUT! The Sky Is Falling (the economic sky I guess?) and it is falling because we are running out of money. Now when I hear we are running out of money I figure "we" means everybody. It is true that Social Security has remained the same for two years or so while the cost of Medicare has risen (not enough according to some conservatives who would cut Social Security and raise Medicare premiums?) and believe it or not costs have risen even though they say inflation is flat. Have "they" looked at their heating bills lately? Have they checked the cost of fruits and vegetables not to mention meat? Or is it only in my neighborhood these prices have gone up? But then I get even more confused when I hear we are running out of money and look at something like the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLV drew 103, 219 into the new Dallas stadium owned by Jerry Jones who is a very rich guy who got a $1.3 Billion new Stadium for his team that didn't do so well this year. By the way he was the beneficent of the tax cuts the Republicans said was so necessary before they started to realize we were running out of money and had to cut a lot of social programs Jerry Jones really doesn't need or want. However, I digress. According to Joe Thurman, of SB Nation, the average ticket on stub-hub was $3,678 (one ticket); one man paid $73,000 for a 15 catered suite; Craig List had a posting for a full suite with no hidden costs for $254,000. Then it even gets more confusing because with all this money disappearing from our country, Commercial costs were $3MILLION for a 30 SECOND time slot. They figure about 100,000,000 people viewed this great event (I admit I did view it and looked at all the commercials), therefore the cost per thousand (CPM) is only $30.00 CPM which averages down to three cents per person to see the commercial, which is pretty cheap. Of course to be this cheap per person you have to spend a lot of money  By the way, Altius Directory lists NFL 2010 salaries for Green Bay at $94 Million and Pittsburgh at $129 Million. Of course these are the participating teams in this sports orgy which I am sure you know was won by Pittsburgh.

My point is if we are going broke Federally, and Statewise where the hell is all this money coming from for only one sports event and we have plenty more of this type of thing that goes on every day, every week. Each week Golf events pay over a Million Dollars to the winner. Broadway shows have tickets going for $125 each and with parking and eating, people go out and spend for a night out $300 or $400. If we are going broke and we must cut, cut , cut how the hell are so many people and living so well? If The United States of America can't afford heath care for everyone how can we pass tax cuts that benefit the rich. If the money is disappearing how can a child go hungry, and they do, don't let anyone kid you. It seems to me that the money isn't disappearing it is just ending up in some people's pockets and those "some" include our politicians at all levels of government. Take a good look at the suits the politicians are wearing, I bet most of us couldn't afford them. They are our new elite, new royalty and yes they want to cut, cut cut but not a one of their perks. Do I sound bitter? Well I am more confused than bitter. My question remains; If we are broke then where the hell is all this money that a lot of people seem to have and intend to keep, come from?
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