Wednesday, December 15, 2010

He Misses Her The Most When It Gets Coldest

She left him when it became too unbearable to stay. He tried to keep her but he wouldn't be able to give her what she wanted. What she wanted was out there far away from him. She couldn't have both, her freedom to be all she could be and him. She gave it the best try she could but she was restricted and couldn't grow. The fact was she began to regress the longer she stayed. They loved each other deeply. They held hands, laughed or just enjoyed being in each others' company. But in order for her to reach her potential she had to leave.

He came to realize that this had to happen. In fact he knew he had to help her reach the point where she would go and feel no guilt in leaving. His love was that strong that he wanted only what was best for her even if it meant leaving him with a void that could never be filled.

They enjoyed the summer with it's wonderful colors, sweet smelling flowers and long never ending days. They knew the winter was approaching as the leaves on the trees started to change colors and the wind was coming from the north with it's chilling effect. Then in the coldest days she could bear it no longer so she quietly left to reclaim herself and he was left alone. He missed her during the days but the nights were the worst especially the cold winter nights. When they were together he'd wrap his arms around her warm body and together they were warm. Now even though he has woolen blankets the winter nights remain chillingly cold and foreboding. He has some peace and solace knowing she is now complete and happier than he could ever make her. His hope is that he too will find that place so he can be all that he can be also.
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