Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Letter To President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I know very little about politics but I know how to react when threatened by thugs. You played schoolyard Basketball when you were a kid. You probably played in some leagues also. If you were in a travelling league you got to know how dangerous it was to beat some home team in a rough part of town. The goons pushed hard. It was fight or get the hell kicked out of you. You could quit, turn tail and run. I get the feeling you knew how to fight. You stood your ground and won more than you lost.

You give the impression that you think Washington, D.C. is more civilized than the schoolyard and that the thugs and goons are left back home on the rough streets of our Cities. To me, a novice, there is little difference between D.C., Congress and the schoolyard except the facade of expensive suits and cleaned up language.

You entered the scene with your team some two years ago with the promise of a cleaner game which would help all Americans along the road to a better life. You seemed to really mean we could be better as a nation and people who cared for one another. You kicked the home team's butt. However, they didn't go away, instead they reverted to the goon tactics all thugs have. Playing on fears, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell encouraged a new gang called the Tea Baggers, who could have been called Tea Bangers, who morphed into the Tea Party. They made up false charges, "death panel", "forged birth certificate", Black Christian Radical", "Muslim in waiting for the overthrow of this government.", let the rumors circulate and never deny them. Their one object was to have you have a one term Presidency. The verbal clubs, slings and arrows were not very noble but were very effective.

Little by little people began to believe these insidious rumors some because they wanted to believe them and some because they trusted the goons who were saying them. Your team never got out to talk to the people. Sure you went to rallies, Town Halls and tracked polls. You guys never got past preaching to the choir. The  people I talk to and live with. Your team didn't believe the signs and just lost an important game getting your butts kicked all over this nation. Yes the economy is a big reason but there are so many other contributory factors. Believe this, there are people in this country that hate you. WHY? Because you are Black. Yes bigotry still exists. Because they think you are a Muslim and Socialist who wants to subject America to Islamic laws. The following are a few things floating around the inter-net these days. Supposedly there is included in the new health care bill a Muslim term that is put in to start the process of getting us under Islamic rule. Another is a picture of a ceremony where all are saluting except you who have arms at full length and hands folded. This is called "The Crotch Salute" and supposedly is you disrespecting all of us so called Americans. People believe this junk and the goons like those I have referred to are perpetuating the myth and getting away with it.

There are others out there who are waiting for the dream to be fulfilled. Who brought you in on a wave of hope two years ago. These represent many more than the nay sayers but have to be reassured that you are the guy who the nations thought you were. You have to be stronger, stand up and LEAD. Stand up to the Tea Bangers and the Washington goons who think they own that town. You are being perceived as weak always apologizing and seeking compromise while getting your nose rubbed in it. Before it is too late put a little starch in your backbone. Return to the schoolyard style, come out swinging and go for the knock out.

You are needed as a strong leader don't let the thugs and goons win. You can win using truth, strength and bringing the dream closer to fruition for all Americans. The fear is, if you let the goons and thugs win America will lose and that will really hurt.

Very truly yours,

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