Saturday, November 13, 2010

“God save me from my friends - I can protect myself from my enemies.”

Proverb Quote is so apt. Some years ago a couple was getting ready to celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary. Their children were preparing to surprise them with a trip to Puerto Rico. The first twenty-five years of marriage didn't leave itself to much vacationing for this couple because of financial difficulties. This was to be a big effort on the part of the children and a great source of pleasure for the couple. The plan was to surprise them at a dinner. There were friends of this couple called John and Fran who went to the children and asked them what their plans were for the big event. When they were told John and Fran volunteered to do the booking and take care of the details which was a relief as the children were unsophisticated in handling travel plans at this time. At the dinner which J & F were at the big surprise was sprung. The bigger surprise was that J & F were coming also. Of course they asked if it would make the couple uncomfortable but what could they say but "Love to have you. Come along.".

The whole scene was overwhelming. They arrived in Puerto Rico for a week's stay only to find that they had adjourning rooms which could be accessed simply by opening a door. This was supposed to be a second honeymoon so needless to say the couple felt a little uncomfortable. While they were on the beach one day J & F met cousins who happened to be vacationing. What a co-incident! There was some fun like the girls winning $100 at Roulette and seeing a few shows. But J&F were becoming more intrusive so much so that a chair had to be put up against the adjoining door so they were sure that J & F didn't just walk in on them uninterrupted. After spending time with their cousins and enjoying themselves J&F started to get bored and started making overtures to leave early which caused no little consternation to the couple, especially the wife.

One day on an excursion to the rain forest there was a stop at a water-fall. The young people were attempting to scale the rocks up the falls. John insisted on going. The Husband declined. Half way up John fell down the rocks into the pool. Needless to say John was bruised and hurt. Consider the fact that John was fat and out of shape and did very little athletic things, so he was really hurt. The couple took this as a great opportunity for them to enjoy time by themselves. The next morning while John was licking his wounds they snuck out of their room and went to Old San Juan to enjoy a real Puerto Rican breakfast. The day alone was wonderful. Unfortunately John pushed his recovery so all they had was one day to themselves. Finally the day came to leave. The trip home J & F were distant. That distant was maintained for the rest of their lives. Some friends relayed the ugly rumors they were spreading about the couple. J & F avoided any contact with the couple whenever they could.

The couple wondered why this was happening. When their children questioned them about the flowers and champagne that was in their rooms the couple didn't know what they were referring to. It seems J & F were given a few bucks to purchase these items as additional gifts for the celebration. Maybe J & F just forgot it but it appeared they pocketed it. When the kids we asked why they went to them for help they explained J & F took it over and booked through their travel agent. Checking with some people it was determined that The Hotel booked was being shut down for renovations and the adjoining rooms went to J & F free of charge. Nobody knew how but the cousins of J & F probably were in on the freebie some way.

The recap is John & Fran horned in on this couple's first real time to be alone and celebrate without being asked because they were "friends"; J & F pocketed about $100 in cash that was supposed to be for the couples enjoyment. J & F got a weeks freebie stay and repaid the couple by de-friending them and spreading rumors about them. So I guess the Proverb Quote which is this Blog's title is very, very apt.

As an epilogue when the couple's Thirtieth anniversary came they went on two trips, Bermuda and the children's gift to Can Cun, ALONE, and they really enjoyed it. The time in Puerto Rico shall never be forgotten however.
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