Friday, October 8, 2010

Aesop Fables For Lovers Only

A long, long time ago on what seems like another Galaxy a strapping young man met the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He pursued her valiantly over a few years and she finally succumbed to his advances. The love they had was passionate and they were physically drawn to each other so much so that when they were apart it physically hurt. They united in marriage promising to love not only until death but throughout all eternity. They realized that their love transcended their physical attraction and above it all was the spirituality of their love. They looked forward to having a child as they viewed their offspring as the physical manifestation of their spiritual love. They had more than one child. They had many children. Gradually life with all the dirty diapers and needs that required sufficient capital began to catch up with them. They began to forget the thoughts of their offspring being the physical manifestation of their spiritual love. They always loved each other deeply and passionately but the cares of their world began to weigh upon them. Then she became ill with a degenerative disease that would take it's toll over many years. The deeper into her illness the further from reality she grew.

The deeper she grew from reality the more he came to love her. He would read poetry to her and try to remind her of their life but she could not retain anything. Even though she didn't really know him anymore she became to lean on him and looked for him to be with her. Their love had grown perhaps not the way the romanticists would have it but it grew for each of them somewhat differently, but it grew. Even while he was losing her he took great solace in being able to physically touch her, kiss her and laugh. Finally she had to leave him. Her pain was too great both physically and mentally. After she was buried and the family left, he was alone with her spirit. He moaned, "We were supposed to go together, we were supposed to love forever.". The silence was deafening. Through a psychic he was told that butterflies and birds were used by spirits to let you know of their presence. Everywhere he went, it seemed, butterflies and birds were around. At her grave he would sing the songs that meant so much to them in their lives. Little by little he became aware of her presence but he complained that he needed her physical presence also. One night in a dream he heard her whisper, "Remember when we were young saying our children would be the physical manifestation of our spiritual love." It was not a question rather a command. He woke with this in mind and reflected when their love was young and the world was a treasure to find while exploring life. He kept that in mind. His life was much easier now that he had her spiritually and when he saw his children he saw her. They and his grandchildren truly did bring her physically alive for him.

Finally he died and going through the tunnel toward that wonderful white light she was there helping him make that passage. They are happy in their love but haven't forgotten their children, grandchildren and all of their loved ones. The proof of that is there are many beautiful butterflies and birds around wherever the family goes.

I hope you enjoyed this fable. I hope there were morals in the telling for all fables must have at least one.
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