Friday, September 3, 2010

Unconnected Random Thoughts

Just who the heck does BP think they're kidding? Their testimony sounds more like a threat. "Lift the moratorium on off shore drilling or we won't have enough money to fund the $20 Billion damages payout or have enough to restore the shore.". First of all I thought it took massive investments of cold hard cash that couldn't be recaptured until years after the project was started. Secondly, when they made the commitments to pay they never said they needed further drilling's to offset the payments. They would sell off assets and use their massive retained earnings. Watch our lawmakers accede to BP so that their campaign coffers can be filled. Again, screw the public!

How is it that Oil prices seem to fluctuate with our stock market? Commodities are strictly supply and demand, unless of course you manipulate the market. Which is precisely what OPEC does. So heating oil and gas goes up because the cost goes up or so says our Oil Companies. Yet our big oil companies make greater and greater profits. Economics 101 states that when costs go up they are passed on to the consumer and even if demand remains the same companies bottom line is unaffected. BUT, says Economics 101, when costs are passed on demand slackens resulting in corporate profits decreasing or even losses. So how come all our Big Oil Companies are making such fabulous profits? Could they be in cahoots with OPEC?
NAH! OR Screw the public AGAIN.

Happen to notice our working force returning from their labors the other day. Some of the guys had suits and ties but many were in jeans and sport shirts. Never happen back in the day. Too much pride. Too much dress code. BUT the ladies really amazed me. Many had flimsy outfits of halter like blouses and short skirts. Many wore no bras which was obvious when they started to run to catch a train. Most wore low cut bloused. Let it all hang out. OK if that's allowed. BUT why is it sexual harassment if some young stud stops, looks and gawks? Don't tell me the young ladies don't want to be ogled for if they did would they dress is such a manner, or are they unaware, or are they just teases, or do they just do what they want to do and the hell with the consequences? Just wondering.

Noticed a young fat lady dressed in the tightest fitting mini which showed every roll of fat on her body as she jiggled her way to the egress from the LIRR. Behind her was a young lady with the exact outfit but she was toned. Looking at the two I had to wonder if the stout, fat, girl ever looked in the mirror and saw herself or saw what she thought was she, a person who looked like the second girl? Somehow, dressing appropriately, to the occasion, to one's own body, physical makeup doesn't seem to enter the minds of many and it should because there is nothing wrong with being fat, let's say, just in making every one aware that you are. The thought should be to dress to look your very best. As they say, "the clothes make the woman.

Just some random unconnected thoughts.
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