Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yankees and Prayer

It was the bottom of the ninth of a game being played between the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees in Texas. The Yankees were leading 2 to 1, but the Rangers had the bases loaded with two outs facing Mariano Rivera was Texas third baseman, Michael Young and the count had reached 3 balls and two strikes, a single could win the game for Texas an out gives the game to the Yankees. The fans were praying feverishly on BOTH sides for a positive outcome. Meanwhile, up in heaven, one of the top angels rushed into the holy of hollies, the inner sanctum, with the news of the game to God and all the prayers that were being sent up by the fans of BOTH teams. There are no ties in Baseball, one had to win and the one that won went on; the one that lost went home, season is over. God turned to his angel and with a stern look that got sterner after he was told of the problem asked the angel why he couldn't handle this himself or at least turn it over to one of the unknown saints, and there were plenty available. The angel responded that the prayers were so earnest and the hearts of all were so into this that only the Almighty could be the person who could come up with a just response that would satisfy both sides that their prayers were being answered. The passage of time didn't concern them since they were in eternity and the angel was having Young foul off some pitchers and having some conferences and arguments until the angel could get the Almighty to make a decision. God listened to all the prayers and could discern the love and earnest feeling emanating from both sides. He also knew that both men, Young and Rivera were good men who needed His love and reassurance. He pondered this situation deeply but couldn't reach a solution. Then suddenly another angel burst in and said that the medical Missionaries from Afghanistan just arrived and that God said he wanted to welcome them personally. So God decided that the game's outcome would have to wait. He sent a terrible rainstorm. The game had to be stopped to be finished the next day. Then God ran out of His Office and embrace the newly arrived loved ones, and threw a big feast. He made sure to assure them that the story about 72 virgins was a hoax and they all had a big laugh.
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