Monday, August 2, 2010

What is going on here?

A little while ago the good old USA was going down the drain headed for the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression. President Hoover was in charge back then and did nothing causing us to wait over a decade and a World War before everything stabilized. This time, learning from the past President Obama took decisive action despite some strong opposition. Are we better off now than we were? Yes! Are we out of the woods? No! We've got some ways to go but we are getting there despite various crisis and opposition. You would think accolades would be falling on the head of Obama yet people are throwing bricks. Why? Some, not many, have a different philosophy. I guess they would vote Hoover back in if they could. But the Birthers, The Tea Partyers, not all but most, and the rest of that ilk, can't stand the fact that we have a black man leading our nation. Sad but true, Old Jim Crow is showing some life. Our President doesn't have to prove anything except that he is capable, knowlegable and basically a good man. He has to fight, has to get tough and not be afraid of the bigots. Let us hope he has the guts to beat back the mob. 
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