Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Captures Our Imagination

The papers; The TV; The Radio! All of our attention is directed to A-Rod's 600th. home run, or poor little rich girl's pilfer of $100 worth of cosmetics, or Rick Ptino's trial about extortion that was about a sex act that lasted 15 seconds. We are thrilled, chilled and titillated and we love it. Yet the war is pushed to the middle pages like a footnote; the oil leak is brushed aside to a footnote and people are dieing all over the world from starvation and poverty. But it is important to know that A-Rod is the youngest player in major league baseball to ever hit 600 home runs. Now that's important! What the hell is wrong with us as a nation?
We can't ever keep our attention on the real important things and our leaders, be the in Private Business or Government, or the Fourth Estate, just love it because they can just keep doing what they always do, empowering themselves while we just LOVE to hear about the home runs and the sex stories while we are getting violated. I guess it is really our fault after all because we let it happen and we're not even kissed.
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