Saturday, August 7, 2010

BaseBall and Life

Life is full of good and bad things. Sometimes the bad outweigh the good. That is time we need diversions. Baseball for me is the greatest diversion. I turn on the Yankees and I no longer am worried about my finances, health or lack of social life. No matter what life is throwing at me for at least a few hours the only thing that matters is whether Jeter gets a hit or if Giradi makes the right move. A great play infuses me with delight and an error does the opposite, especially if committed by the Yanks. Immersion in the game, standings and performances of the players refreshes my mind, sort of cleanses it. Music can have the same effect and for some dancing. Whatever it takes, we need diversion, a break from the mundane. Some use sleep to relieve them of worries but this can be harmful if overused; can lead to depression. What we need is to actively use the brain in pleasurable experiences as a cleansing agent. When refreshed we can go back to the struggles of the day stronger and more prepared to conquer the challenges.
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