Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Trump Administration A Total Embarrassment

By  now most of the world must have seen the June 12,  2017  Donald Trump full cabinet meeting. something that could have been a nice innocuous thing to do giving a nice check mark to a Presidency that doesn't have many "nice" check marks.   A photo Op that could have just introduced the full cabinet to the world for the first time.  Instead it turned out to be what should be a very embarrassing exhibition where the world's richest and most powerful people licked Trump's boots (I could say something else but for now I'll stay with boot licking) thanking him, bowing to him verbally, and even invoking the spiritual by saying it was "such a blessing" to be able to serve him. All but one did this. General James Mattis, The Secretary of Defense said it was an honor to to be associated with the men who serve us the American people. I am surprised he didn't just get up and walk out of this disgusting exhibition that would befit the rulers of a third world power like North Korea.

The comedians are having a field day with this as are the political pundits who know when they see a farce and call it such. Even Senator Chuck Schumer and his staff made fun of the Donald Trump reality show. But one thing has to be remembered, no matter how ridiculous this appears this is a very serious thing we are watching. Under Donald Trump we, America, are becoming laughing stocks of the world. We are headed by a narcissistic person at the best or a mentally deranged one at the worst who can set off a nuclear holocaust in a moment of pique feeling unappreciated and not honored.

On top of all this it is quite possible that Trump and his family are using the Presidency to increase their wealth by letting foreign powers maker payments to them by using their facilities so that they can curry favors from them. There is an emoluments case in the courts today filed my the Attorney Generals of two jurisdictions.

Our Republican party is standing by and watching all this happen without taking action because , it would appear, they don't want to lose power putting party above country. One wag said Paul Ryan, The Speaker of The House, is the only man to prove that it IS possible to live without a spine. Mitch McConnell is just being Mitch, no surprise there.

Hopefully our checks and balances will make this nightmare come to an end soon before the whole world blows up leaving only the Trumps and their ilk to live in prosperity like the kings they really aspire to be.
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