Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reflection On A Romantic Relationship

We were married in 1957-July 27. Always loved those numbers 7/27/57. Spent the first 9 months of our marriage living at 79-B Baker Village, Columbus, Georgia. My term in the Army at Fort Benning would end June 25, 1958. Our first child was due close to my discharge date. She went home to New York to give birth avoiding late term air travel. It would cost $25 if our first child came while I was still in the Army, $250 if it occurred after I was discharged. Back in the day the difference of $225 was a lot of money. We beat the odds as he was born 6/18/58.

I always liked our numbers 7/27/57, married. Our first living quarters 79-B, Baker Village. We had 7 wonderful kids, 6 boys and 1 girl. My wife lived up to 72 years. The number 7 always present in our lives one way or the other always meant good things for us, always brought good luck and God's blessings. 

She's been gone now over 8 1/2 years But we did make it to 50 years of married life before she departed.  That's quite a run, a run that had its glorious moments as well as some very bumpy ones . Once the bumps were smoothed over it made the union even more glorious.

I still miss her very much each day. The last 17 years of her life was impacted by Alzheimer's, a progressive disease that gets worse progressively.  The early part of our lives into middle ages we loved to be together. She wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with her. 

Her beauty only reflected her wonderful soul. When we touched there was always magic which led to the delights of intimacy. As Alzheimer's progressed this need to be together became different yet stronger. She needed me as her advocate, as her protector, as her lover from afar physically but 
much closer spiritually. The more she needed me the more I needed her. Our need was mutual. 

From the moment we confessed our love, back in the day so long ago, to the moment of her death the person we wanted, needed to be with was us, we two, always sharing our love. I believe once lovers prefer to be with someone else their love begins to fade. Doesn't mean you can't have friends but if you experience something wonderful the first thought should be I wish she/he were here to share this with me. If this wonderful experience would rather be shared without your lover then the love is fading and maybe it fades until it is no more.

I have no regrets. Our life was wonderful. Our love produced 7 children 10 grandchildren and one great-grand-child, so far. I miss her gentle touch, her beautiful smile and the love we shared.  Although she is gone physically I feel her spiritual presence always. Life is good! 

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