Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Clint, May 31, 2016

Clint Eastwood is 86 today, May 31, 2016.  He saw this in the Daily News and thought "My how time has flown by!". Eastwood made many movies, created a great character, "Dirty Harry". Was a mayor of some rich burg in California and is known for this and much more  but one error sticks out, his talking to an empty chair at the Republican convention. President Obama was supposed to be sitting in that chair.

He understood what Clint was doing. This is an exercise practiced in an acting class and it is supposed to be done with great artistry so as to make the audience believe the scene as though whoever was sitting in that chair was actually sitting in that chair. Now if Eastwood was in class he would have performed in a manner that convinced everyone that he was talking to a sitting President but it was obvious Eastwood didn't believe the chair held anyone and that it was empty. One of the worst acting jobs he has ever done and in front of millions if you count the TV audience.Yet because of Clint Eastwood's body of work he is held in high esteem and should be.

Well he thought, perhaps I should examine my body of work. Maybe it isn't as famous as widely held as a celebrity but doesn't a life lived well count as much? He thought so. He reflected on his childhood and came to the conclusion it was a blessing to have a mother and father who was always there providing and helping him and his brother grow into manhood. The additional blessing was was growing up with an extended family in close support. There were plenty of Aunts and Uncles and cousins and close friends  that he always felt secure. It was true that there were plenty of arguments but plenty of kissing and hugging and eating great food.

He grew up in a neighborhood that had a schoolyard that was an ecosystem for every kid in the neighborhood meeting there for softball, fast pitch, basketball, handball and even Chinese handball where the loser had to go asses up while everyone threw the spaulding at his ass. All the adults looked out for the kids and would even break up some fights when they broke out.

In his house the radio was always playing, music, serials and news, Gabriel Heater and "Ah there's good news tonight.". So it was natural for him to play an instrument. It was natural for him to become a pretty good ballplayer. But educationally he was a dud. Later he would have to go through two decades to get three degrees the last one being his Masters.

He married one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen or has seen. Together they lived a life of love for 50 years before she had to check out and go home to the Lord. But in that time they produced a large family which always had a full house, not much money but plenty for fun, love and food. Also Living in that house were dogs, birds, cats a white rat and what seemed like a million friends, theirs and their children's. From his children has come great grandchildren. And he's proud of everyone of them.

During his life he has done everything he ever wanted to do. Was a working member of Local 802 for 15 years, wrote songs that were published and played TV, not a lot but enough not to be a total failure. Was offered Class D with the Brooklyn Dodgers farm team but turned that down to play music. Had to work to provide for their growing family while his beauty stayed home and did all the hard work. For a while became a young man on the rise in a fledgling company when he traveled some parts of this world. Actually spent one year doing the legal work in this firm because the young Attorney that was there was  going through a breakdown and he covered for him. Practiced corporate law without a LLB.

Later in life he was active in SAG, AFTRA and Equity production. He was in a few series and plays. Not nearly as successful as Clint Eastwood but he did continue to perform, first as a musician, composer and now actor. He managed to win one golf outing at Brier Cliff Manor country club run by The Variety Club of NY.

As outside activities he ran a respite Saturday program through Catholic Charities with plenty of help from his family and volunteers. Parents of mentally challenged children got a Saturday morning off while their children were taken care of. Did consulting work with Marriage Encounter. Actually it was more of getting together with people who wanted their marriages to succeed. Was active in Catholic activities such as Cursillo and Saint Vincent De Paul.

He thought God Bless Clint Eastwood for his life. His body of work is exemplary.  But he thought Thank God for all the gifts he has given me. A beautiful wife with whom he lived, loved and was loved for 50 years, more if you count the time they dated. He got to experience everything in life he ever wanted to experience. AND even at this late stage of his life he is still waiting to experience new and wonderful things. He has learned that whatever may happen love must be involved, not the tepid kind but the passionate kind because whatever one does it should be done with the desire to enjoy it to the fullest. like Sinatra sings. "All The Way"!

Happy birthday Clint may you have many more!

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