Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Should A Muslim Be President?

The liberal media has become so "politically correct" that speaking obvious truths is becoming an open minefield for those in the political limelight. Dr. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon turned Republican challenger for President of these United States has said he could not support a Muslim for the president of the United States. He was immediately criticized for being racist which led him to explain that he was referring to one who embraced Sharia law over the Constitution and American values. Under Sharia law women are put down and mistreated, homosexuals are put to death and you could lose a hand if you committed a theft and this is just a few of the despicable things Sharia law embraces.

By the way Dr. Carson did not say he would prohibit a Muslim from running for the office he just said he could not support him. Is it so terrible to voice one's opinion concerning whom he would or would not support? I don't think so especially if the reasons given have some truth behind them and that he isn't just blowing some wind to roil the waters.

Many years ago John F. Kennedy ran into trouble from our citizens because being Catholic gave some pause that he would be under control of the Pope. The Pope is also the head of state as well as being the head of The Roman Catholic Church. Allaying the fears Kennedy made a great speech wherein he made it clear that He was NOT under the political direction of the Pope in any way, shape or form. He made it clear that he would be guided by American law, the US Constitution as well as American morals.

Considering the fact that we have very troubling Muslim groups such as ISIS recruiting some of our citizens and their main objective is to destroy our way of life why is it so terrible to have a Muslim reject that part of Sharia law that is violent and embrace our Constitution, laws and values if that Muslim wants to run for the office of President of these United States? Therefore if a Muslim would get in the running for President a similar speech, like John F. Kennedy made, would have to be made in order for me to support him.

 I think this is called the vetting process, this questioning of one's values, patriotism and policies, raising questions that should, must be asked. A simple way of removing all the fears would be for the modern Muslim community to come together and make it clear that all aspects of Sharia law are not accepted by the Muslim community world wide. You know, like letting people be who they want to be, like Gays, like doing away with the subjugation of women and acknowledging that anyone who disagrees with other religions must not be killed.  Get rid of these despicable laws, and repudiate ISIS and its ilk. Then we wouldn't have this conversation at all.
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