Friday, August 21, 2015

ESP or A Tap Into The Spiritual Life

Extrasensory Perception is just another name for letting your God inspired spirit take advantage of the gifts we have all gotten at birth. Unfortunately some of the wires that are set up within the human body may get in the way for some of us so that brain damage, may hinder this function or ultra sensory wiring, synapses may heighten the usage.

There are things that happen however, that we just accept as ordinary occurrences because we just don't have the time or this world has jaded us into believing all this stuff is just gobble-de-gook.  My experiences have strengthened my belief that we can all sharpen these senses of the Spirit called ESP if only we spent the time practicing methods that allow this to happen.

Prayer is one method that can sharpen the ESP. But there are other methods such as meditation, Yoga and practices of Buddhism that will also sharpen the senses of the spirit. The idea is to reach into oneself so that you can get outside of this shell we call a body and send the brain waves, the spirit, over space and time to communicate and visualize past, future and interplanetary events.

The Psychics that are not charlatans have this ability. They can communicate with those who have past into that other dimension we call heaven, or even Purgatory of some kind. Words once released still are in the atmosphere, so are images all we need are receptors. The proof of this is Radio, TV, Radar and all the things we use so cavalierly every day. As you read this all sorts of pictures and voices are being transmitted that we can see when we turn on our sets.  So why not the same thing regarding ESP, Spiritual senses that reach outside of our bodies into the universe around us?

When I was very young and did not believe in all this "stuff" to test the theory I said a prayer that if I'd ever get married I would see my future wife then and there but would not realize it when we would get married sometime in the future. Some ten years later I married that girl who happened to pass my way right about the time I threw out that challenge. When I first saw her I asked a friend who she was and he steered me away from her saying she didn't speak English because he was pursuing her. I didn't realize the girl I eventually married and that girl that passed in front of me when I uttered that prayer was one and the same girl.

There was a time that I had to make a choice to follow my Company to the West Coast or stay here on the other coast, my beloved New York. I was married, had a large family and took a big risk by staying rather than going. The decision was reached after prayers, meditation and a deep feeling that this would be a wrong move for me and my family. I trusted that feeling. Years passed and it seemed that I made the wrong move.
But the ensuing years proved that I made the correct move. The company on the West Coast was merged and people were out of work. I wasn't. I had a job, not the best but it allowed me to support the family while it payed for my education.  It allowed me to experience things that I could only experience by staying in New York. It allowed me to have the opportunity to take care of my wife as she slipped into Alzheimer's. I met new people and made new friends not all of which stayed with me. I met a very pretty young lady and we met seemingly for a brief moment in our lives and then went our ways. BUT some 25 years later we met again and fell in love. I never would have had that opportunity to experience new beginnings if I didn't listen to my inner voice, ESP, God Talking or whatever you call it because without it I would have transferred to California. As a side bar my children wouldn't have met their lovers and had their children, my grandchildren. I wouldn't change it all for anything.

Co-incidence? I don't believe in co-incidences. There are so many other things I could recount not only my experiences but people I know. We are more than solidified chemicals and electrical impulses. We are Spiritual people and we could be so much more so if we would just take the time to develop these Extrasensory Perceptions!  

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