Friday, May 8, 2015


The more I live the more I come to understand we accept the miraculous as everyday usual occurrences. I prefer to think miracles are connected with the supernatural but for the unbelievers among us miracles are the happenings which are unusual in the fact that the happenings are what makes living so wonderful. The problem is we just accept everything as the usual natural stuff that life is made up of. We experience it every day and it becomes commonplace. I would suggest that we stop and take this very common place life and appreciate the wonder of it all.

Colors are so beautiful. There are some who never see the beauty but those of us who have eyes that are working correctly do see them. And isn't a wonder that these sockets in our head are the windows to such beauty. Our eyes are a miracle, the colors around us are also. It is peculiar that sometimes we may go to a movie and remark how beautiful the colors are yet we walk in the middle of a blossoming earth and barely recognize the wonder of it all.

Sleep is a wonder. We fall in a semi-comatose position at the end of our day and the body regenerates itself and magically we wake the next morning refreshed and ready for the days wonders and works. We may dream, we may not. But if we miss our sleep our bodies let us know we need to fall into that semi-comatose state or we will be destroyed. Isn't that a wonder? Our bodies actually talk to us letting us know when we need something. Our brain controlling our movements, our feelings our inner most thoughts and needs. Our very being is somehow electo-chemical and even more spiritual.  Perhaps we do have a soul.  At least we seem to have something like a soul which can actually send thoughts outside of our bodies over thousands of miles to another person. It happens. It is miraculous. Google it, it happens.

Creation itself is such a wonder yet we seem to accept it as common place because it happens so often and we think we know all there is to know about the process. Yet, isn't it a wonder that an ejaculation of thousands of sperm looks for an egg and together once it penetrates it a new person begins to be formed. For you who feel that there is no person until later you would admit that this process eventually becomes a new being. Then the new person attaches itself to mom and the two generally grow to experience love, and need even before the physical birth. At least the mother does for generally she loves the person that when it is born she would give her life for it. This is magic. The love between the parties forming the new person is also very magical because while it can be physical it can also be spiritual. Love reaches outside a couple until it physically has to be inside each other to form this new person who can be thought to be the physical expression of their spiritual love.

The world is a wondrous and miraculous place. Let's take the time to enjoy this wonderful miraculous place we call home.  And for those who are unfortunately in a bad place caused by poverty, hatred and by people not caring, let us think of them and try to help them anyway we can so that their world will show itself to be the same world we experience.

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