Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love, Nothing Is More Powerful

A long time ago when he thought his world was spinning out of control and he was getting ready to give up he received the following in the mail and it changed his whole perspective of life, love and living.

"Since we met,
I can honestly say
that I've loved every minute 
we've spent together.

I mean it. It's been wonderful.
And I find my self liking and loving you more and more
each time we talk.

You have this amazing ability 
to make me feel happy 
about myself,
about the funny little things in life...
but mostly about being with you.

Because it's a very good place to be
I'm lucky I met you, 
and I want you to know
just how great I think you are."
(J. Gahr)

He never knew who sent him the card. He didn't know if it was sent by a guy or a gal and it didn't really matter because the point of it all was he made a difference in someone's life that apparently made a great impact on their point of view at that time. The reception of the card meant a difference to him also. With the thought that he made an important contribution to some one he felt a sense of self worth that got his world back to spinning in control on its axis. He respected the sender's feeling of keeping anonymity,  whatever the reason it was the sender's wish and he respected it.

He kept the card for times that seemed his world was spinning out of control again and thought to himself how important it is to remain positive, keep loving and sometimes just reaching out to someone in an uplifting manner. The results can be more powerful than one may realize. 

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