Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kayla Mueller, and Other Martyers

How sad it is to hear that the beautiful, mind, body and spirit, Kayla Mueller is confirmed dead. There is no information as to how, where or when this beautiful young person died. ISIS claimed she was killed in an air strike by Jordan as she was in building that was destroyed by a bomb. This has not been confirmed and at this time thought to be untrue. The stark truth is that her death has been confirmed by her family and the United States government. Her only crime was that she was American. Her work was humanitarian aid to the Syrian people caught in the horrific civil war of that country. Her death combined with the horrific deaths of those who have gone before her, the latest being the burning alive of a captured Jordanian Pilot, can only galvanize the civilized world's determination to destroy this terrorist scourge called ISIS. The blood of martyrs is the foundation upon which the free world, including the righteous Muslim world,  will destroy terrorism which is said to be done in the name of God but in effect is the work of the Devil, evil to its core.
My prayer is that good people will take the right action to wipe out this evil force so that these martyrs will not have died in vain.

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