Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Defending our Blizzard Governor and NYC Mayor

Everybody is an expert. Everybody is a Monday morning Quarterback. We had a dire Blizzard of 15 forecast covering all points from NYC North and East. What happened was NYC was spared but out east on Long Island the blizzard hit hard. Decisions were made which were courageous and I believe correct.

First of all let me make one thing clear, NYC didn't escape fully. Manhattan got 8 inches but Queens got a little under a foot, so did Brooklyn. This isn't a dusting this is real snow. But out East from Old Bethpage, Plainview to Orient they got 18 to 30 inches. They are digging out the day after and will continue to do so for quite some time.

The Mayor and Governor made some great decisions, shut down the roads, all but most needed cars off the roads, shut down the railroads and subways. Now they are being questioned for making hasty decisions. The Weather people are being derided for making a poor forecast and are being made to make defensive rebuttals. But let me say to all who were disappointed for New York City's little snowfall you are all nuts. NYC lucked out but the rest of the forecast area didn't including all the way up to New England. Just who is crazy enough to want more snow in an urban area? Only the crazies because everything is shut down for weeks in some great snow falls.

The decision to shut down the Rails, Subways and roads were  shown to be correct because the plowers were able to do there jobs and get the roads back to being passable with only minor delays, there were no stuck cars on the roads and no deaths. The subways came back to service right away with slow service the first days. But there were no stuck trains to move which made the process easier and faster.

The people in charge, our elected officials and their appointed officials acted promptly and this whole area came through Blizzard 15 re-markedly well. What more can be asked of all involved? The weather people did really well giving early notice so everyone could be prepared which helped in making correct decisions on the ground which saved lives and time for recovery. The hard hit areas will definitely say the prognosticators were right on. We here in NYC can be thankful that the storm shifted 50 miles which lessened the impact on our City. When one thinks about all the decisions that have to be made including interpretations of weather information I can only come to the conclusion that all deserve our thanks and appreciation for a job well done.

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